Friday, November 21, 2014

Short List

My bestie is gonna knit me one

1. I need to buy a travel mug so that I dont buy coffee outside of the house.
2. I need a SUPER LARGE insulated, non metal water bottle so that I dont buy water outside.
3. I must think ahead about food. If I am not going to be around the house, I have eat beforehand or  bring something.
4. I have to sit with Kid #2 and a solid weekly meal plan. This will save time and money.
5. Coupons. Every Sunday! I wont be crazy coupon lady but I gotta save where I can.
6. Starting today, I will not have a allowance. Gas and groceries...that is it. Let`s see how that goes.
7. December will be the last splurge month. I am almost done Christmas shopping.

Okay..short list of things to drill in my brain. Kid #2 watched a ton of episodes of some British show called Fat Doctor on netflix . (It is graphic!)
  She has decided that we will no longer eat crap..all the time. Praise! I have a buddy now. That will save us money also.

Gotta go..Friday errands to run. TGIF

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