Thursday, November 10, 2016

At least I got a free turkey


 I started this on Monday. The day got away from me. Then we voted. Then yesterday was a day of mourning for some. So here I am today. I am halfway into my first BP coffee and I have a list of things that gotta get done. Lu needs a hair cut. The three windows in the living room need to be covered (i already did my bedroom), leaves to bag, and I have a half peck of apples to make into apple sauce and I might make some pie filling to freeze for thanksgiving but I have to do research. I have a London Broil defrosting that I was gonna make a soup with...maybe.

  Let`s see. Where should I start?
 FUCK!!!! I accidentally deleted this paragraph...TWICE! I gotta win some money so I can get a new computer. This is fucking ridiculous!!!!!

   Okay......I had the fecal transplant and so far, I think it was a success. My gut feels much better. I will be dealing with some symptoms while I heal and there are some symptoms that I found out later are not related to the cdiff. I had it done by colonoscopy and they knocked my ass out. Praise! Afterward, you have to lay flat at an angle (head toward the floor) to try to keep the 250 ccs of donated poo and saline for at least an hour. Yeah, that was fun. The cramps were like birthing labor, I shit you not! <---hahaha I was told most people last about 15 min. I kept my eye on the clock and lasted for 45. Poop Warrior!  

   She did some biopsies. That is when I found out something else was wrong. I was diagnosed with Microscopic Lymphacytic Colitis. It is the least evasive of all the inflammatory bowel diseases. It does not raise your chances of colon cancer like UC or Crohns can. Huge sigh of relief there. She wants me to start a high dose of Pepto Bismal tablets. It is a treatment that most that are first diagnosed start off with. I have to watch out for neurological symptoms from it. Most people cannot tolerate it. It makes me a bit nervous. The diet is basically LCHF! Which is amazing. I do have to give up dairy though. I have mostly been avoiding anyway so it wont be hard to give up all together. I can use ghee in place of butter and nut milks in place of creams and milk. It sucks that I have another thing but I am okay.

   Yesterday I met up with the mother of my brother`s children, G. We have been friends on FB forever but we haven't been face to face in decades. It was a really good visit and it surely wont be the last. We talked about all kinds of stuff. We ran errands, went to lunch at Crazy Burger in Narragansett. She is a great person and I am glad I traveled to go see her. 

  While I was at her house, she gave me a skein of multicolored hand dyed merino felting wool. She gave it to me because I was talking about how I wanted to try out needle felting. I bought a kit for super cheap one day at Ocean state job lot. It sits on my desk and stares at me. The other day, the garden shop I go to advertised a needle felting class coming up and it is $20. Includes light dinner. I am branching. Taking a class to learn a skill with other people at night! I am not prone to social anxiety but I am lazy when it gets dark. It gets dark at 430pm. The class starts at 6pm-8pm. So this is a huge deal for me. When it happens, I will share pictures!  I havent really crafted much. I do the arm knit scarves but that is about it. I lost the love of miniatures and dollhouses so it is time try something else. This might be it. 

  As for the title of the blog post, I achieved spending $400 at the local grocery store and got my free turkey. I actually chose the biggest (8.4lbs) hotel turkey breast. I still want fucking turkey for TURKEY DAY. They want a roasted chicken. So we will do both. There is room in there. I know I am doing potato and cauliflower mash. Ummm. That is it. I cannot really do any of my old standbys. Especially there will be no sausage stuffing. I picked up two cans of cranberry sauce like I was a robot. It took me a few minutes to realize what I did and put them back. Loaded with sugar and fructose! So I gotta plan that out. There will be a pie but that is for the girls. Oh who am I kidding. Fred and I will totally cheat. But it is just one sweet potato pie. That is it. I promise my gut and my keto-ness.
  That is about it. I have to give Lu a haircut after I post this, clean the kitchen, decide on dinner, and cover the windows in the livingroom.

I hope you all have a good Thursday a
nd no snow yet!!



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