Tuesday, November 1, 2016

End of October


   I had the plan to post yesterday but the day got away from me. I had Halloweeny tasks to take care of. These are our pumpkins this year. I did not get around to carving the small ones. That is okay, they will look good on the porch stairs till Thanksgiving. I have this link for pumpkin seeds if you have not cooked yours up yet. I am going to roast today. I think I will do the cheesy one.

   Halloween was a absolute BUST. We were greeted by one trick or treater. One 5 year old treater. One! I am done. I am not decorating anymore. I am not spending hard earned money on shit nobody is going to see or enjoy. I have said it before but I am truly done this time. And if someone mentions that the 5 yr old got to see it, I will virtually smack you. I have a cauldron full of chocolate. I told the kid that we were getting rid of it. I have cheated so much on my way of eating this past week. It has to stop and the candy has to go! Maybe I will just go out next year. Make some friends at the bar while I drink my pumpkinhead ale.

   I am glad I have this outlet to talk about stuff. It seems I have lost another friend to me being sickly and no fun. I have worked really hard about not talking about my health at all because people don't want to hear it. I either have to pay a therapist to hear me or I can throw it on here. I am not gonna talk about her today. I have already been upset about it and if I really dwell, I will get depressed about it. She has moved on. She hasn't actually unfriended me (IRL or online) but you kinda know when you have been dumped. I am a Class A loser and I have to come to terms with that fact. Period. End of story.

  At least I have some good news to report. This Thursday I am having my very first Fecal Microbiata Transplant for the C-diff. Tomorrow will be a prep day. Yuck! It is being done in Rhode Island cause it was very hard to find anyone to do it here. I found out yesterday it will be done by sigmoidoscopy and I get to be awake for the whole thing! That is not exciting for me. I am told to just relax and it will be okay. Yeah no. I wont be able to relax. I have issues that I will not discuss but being awake for that is not gonna be a picnic. Hopefully, this will cure me of this garbage. I am so sick of being sick to my stomach every single day.

  Today I have to take down all the Halloween. The kitchen is a disaster, again. The dog needs to be groomed. I have to put stuff up on ebay. And I really need to start working on cleaning up the yard. The leaves are being difficult. They are still in the trees. If they dont fall soon, they will be left cause of the snows to come. I am still painting the living room but I have got all the trim done. Yay! I wanted to get that done so I could cover the windows. It will be warm this week so I will hold off, but soon they will have to be done.

That is about all I have to talk about. I don't want to dwell on shit today. Then I will lose the handful of you that actually read this and I will be left with Bots. Bots could totally be my friends though. They would love me for who I have become!

Have a great first day of November.

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