Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life Changin Stuffs

*218* <----OMG Yes!

   I am late with this cause yesterday I had an adventure. I would have posted about it last night but my ass was tired, I had a piece of cake to eat, and YouTube videos to catch up on. I am here bright and bushy tailed early to give you the scoops while I drink my coffee(s).

   First off, I am 8lbs from my first goal. IF you ever read my posts from the beginning, my first real weight loss goal was to get down to 210. That was the perfect number for me when the kids were little. I wasn't morbidly obese but I wasn't classified as thin. It was okay with me, back then. When you eat LCHF, weight loss is tricky. You can have long stalls which would make you feel like you want to give up. But if you wait, you will be rewarded. I was stuck at 226-227 for like 6 weeks. It didn't matter what I did, that is where I would be. The other day I weighed myself at the pharmacy. 219 popped up on the screen! Yes! Then yesterday at the Drs office...218. I have lost approx 65 lbs since I started this blog. Took me multiple years but hey..it is gone.

  Yesterday I took the train to Providence, RI to have a consultation with the gut doctor at the Women`s Collaborative. She is a Cdiff Doctor. We talked for about a half hour or so. She is going to do it for me. Yay!  Her nurse was not in the office so she will call me today to set up appt for the procedure. It is done through colonoscopy. I had to read and initial alot of paperwork because you are considered a volunteer, not a patient. Fecal transplant is still experimental. The FDA has not approved it as a cure for cdiff. They probably wont in the near future because they wont pump money in for poop, essentially. So I will sit here and wait for the phone call.

   I have two important appointments coming up at the beginning of next month. I see the ortho at Yale to talk about my scans and my hips. We have to figure out if my hips are actually my hips or is it my spine. The other appt is to see a Weed Doctor. Yes my friends. I am finally going to get my medical marijuana card. I have been talking about it for awhile but I just never took the initiative. It is funny though. I do this and our state might make it legal to smoke recreationally. If that happens, it wont happen till January. I could wait but I think I just want to do it. So yeah. Judge me if you want. I gotta help my body and the brain.

  Okay. I gotta go. It is nearly 930 and I have to make breakfast and plan my day. I will share pics from the kid`s birthday this week in my next post.

Bundle up! It is chilly out there!

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