Monday, October 17, 2016

October Monday

Mums in the yard


   I am in the midst of my typical Monday. I wanted to do this but I also have all my shit to do. So today is the day to get it done. My Mondays are pretty consistent for me. Sometimes I wish I could just ignore Mondays but that would screw up the chi for the rest of the week.

7am wake up. 
Let dogs outside. Wait outside because there have been coyote in the area.
Make coffee
Feed cats and dogs.
Give Lu meds
Take out 4 recycle buckets to the street. Take out any trash to the bin. Garbage day
Start first load of laundry.
Usually the kitchen is a disaster from the weekend, so stack all the dishes and such. Hot soapy water in dishpan.
Defrost dinner stuff.
Make hard boiled eggs, cucumber salad, and cheddar slices for the week.
Water pla
All the while I take the dogs out, do more laundry, fold said laundry, sweep, etc etc etc. I had stuff to mail out for ebay and I had to go to the pharmacy.

You add i
n all the other little things like appointments and seasonal shit, yard work, and I am beat. I still have to make dinner. I always crash at around 8am.

  Oh, I tried a cool recipe this weekend. It is a keto mug cake. Put in a mug: 1 scoop of whey protein powder, 1 egg, and 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder. Mix. If it is too thick, add a little bit of almond milk or water. Give it the consistency of brownie mix. Microwave on high for 60 seconds. That is it! I put whipping cream and stevia in the kitchen-aid to make keto whipped cream for the topper. Hubs and I both liked it. That will be nice to have or once in awhile.

 This past week I had the ju
nker aka Nissan fixed. It needed four rotors, four brake pads, two calipers, battery, muffler, all fluids done, oil, and spark plugs. She sat for too long but she is back on the road and I don't have to chauffeur everyone around like before.  I am broke as all get out because of it. It is a major lean week. I am sitting here wishing for lunch but I have dinner foods only. But the car is fixed! That page on my to-do list is done! I gotta set up a new list. That one sat there for a couple months while I scratched each thing off. 

  Guess how much two 2mg Valium cost me? Just take a wild guess! I will wait........(switching out laundry)

80 cents!!
I was actually happy to see that. Like I said before, we are poor as hell this week. I had to have those pills so I can withstand the MRI. (Yes folks, sometimes you can be so broke that $1-2 makes a major difference in your life.)
This was the MRI I was supposed to have in September but I was a stupid ass and got a tattoo. My hips have been bothering me a whole lot. The ortho said it was not my hips per say. The PT therapist said she thought it was my spine like another herniation. My neuro is appeasing me and letting me have the MRI to just make sure there is nothing bad going on. I am not looking for another surgery right now. Just some answers. I probably wont hear anything till this week or so. Hubby sees him at the end of the month too for his foot issues. Wish me luck that I do okay in the big loud machine.

Tonight we are having taco salad with cheddar cheese crisps that I will make in the oven. I just saw that one of them ate the last avocado. Grrrr! I have to put post it notes on every fucking thing. Guess that will be missing from the salad. 

That is about it. We are in the middle of decorating for Halloween and I will post about that next time.

Have a great week!


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