Saturday, October 1, 2016

I can use Lingonberry jam instead!

*223* <---from a week ago. 

   There was an amazing sale on hams today at the grocery store. 88 cents per lb for butt or shank. I bought two. A butt for today. A butt for Christmas. They were $7 and $8. So the kitchen smells like ham. I forgot to pick up cloves but that is okay. I didn't have anymore grapefruit jam to use as a glaze so I used lingonberry. I have a pot of greens that were in the freezer. Salad and green beans will round it out. Mmmm. Smells goooood!

  I had a bunch of stuff written out to talk about. But something has been tugging at me that I gotta talk about. I think I might try to go back to work. I want to give it a try. I will have safeguards in place. I could get training and help getting a job. If it doesn't work out, at least I tried.I just feel like I have to try to contribute. Get out there and earn. Be around other people. Every one is moving on and I just sit here. Yes, I am not a well person. I have limitations. But..there is the but again, I want to see what my options are. If you have thoughts, let me know.

    I do have to wait u
ntil after I have my cataracts done. I see the eye surgeon this coming week for that. I am really scared to have it done but it has become necessary. I am told it is like lasik surgery. You get one done and six weeks later, you get the other one done. I have to get over my fear and just do it.

 I did two thi
ngs on Thursday that I have been dreading. I paid off and cancelled our gym memberships. I was worried I was gonna owe ALOT (long story) but it was very very little. I was thrilled. So then I went to a salon and got a proper haircut. It has been ages! It felt good. I used to go to the salon my entire childhood thru till I had the girls. Then it was just cheaper to do it myself . I was a beauty school drop out after all. It is past my collar bones with some layers. The curl has come back. I like long hair but it was time for a bit of a change. There is a pic in my IG.

Look at this amazing find! I trash picked this rocking chair! I pulled everything out of the jeep on the street and fit it inside and brought her home. I have it set up in the livingroom now. It will go upstairs in my bedroom. I have rubbed furniture oil all over it and it smells good. Did I do good?? I think I did. 

This is blurry but that is okay. You ca
n still see it. One of my first blog posts was called Caffeine, nicotine, and dexedrine. <--you can read it here. I always said that I needed this tattooed on me. Well, I finally did it with a added semi colon for good measure. I forgot to share that. I have had it for about a month. Please note my weight in that post and my weight in this post. Hells yeah!

 Okay, so that is it for this segme
nt. Oh! Happy October 1st. Did you say your Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit? I did. Always do. I hope you have a great weekend and let`s hope Hurricane Matthew stays the hell away!

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