Monday, September 26, 2016

Putting the garden to bed...slowly

This is a sassy Fall outfit. Yes?

  I took a break from the yard work cause I have to save my energy for other things. I can really go overboard and lose my head with time when I do a yard project. Today was no different. My hips started to tell me off, so I decided it was time for some computer time instead. See how that works? My old lady parts like to tell me how it is gonna be and I sometimes listen.

 I we
nt to the community garden this morning. I harvested a butt load of tomatoes, peppers, and strawberry transplants. I saved the day cause there was a huge water leak in the main line so I was able to get a garden person to come and take care of it. I came home with the idea that I was just going to plant the strawberries in their new pot and thin out my existing strawberry pot. It got kinda blurry after that.
  I emptied all the pots from the container garden. They did not do well. I have to learn how to do that better. I still do not have beds in the yard yet! I decided to clean out the small bed by the fronts steps (yeah), dig up a wayward hosta that was too big for the space, clean out all the weeds, go over there to dig up one of my Salvia plants, separate it, trim it, dig holes, and plant in that same little bed. I also pulled down all the perennial Sweet Pea vines (they are pretty but a menace) and bag it all. That is when the hips said STOP IT!
So here I sit. Waiting a bit cause I really got to go to the grocery store and I have to take the kid to work. 
 Mondays are always always busy. 

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