Monday, September 12, 2016



    Yes I am a bad blogger. There is probably none of you left cause I just up and abandoned this place and you. Boy this place is dusty. I have had a very productive summer. I went to the beach. I worked in the garden growing tomatoes with Kid #2. I sweated my ass off in the utter humidity of late July, all of August, and up until yesterday. No brains at all when the weather is like that.

  That is not a typo. I just came home from the gastro and I weigh 215. I have stuck with the Low Carb High Fat since May 1st. It has been four months. I have slipped up here and there. But this is a lifestyle change. I have to undo all the stuff I was taught my entire life. I was in a size 22/20. I am now in a solid 16. I bet I could fit into some baggy sized 14. And this was done with no exercise. Change of eating only. If I added exercise, I would be dangerous.

  Lu is still here with us. She made it through the worst of the weather. There were a few times I thought I would have to put her down. But the humidity is gone is she is coughing much less. She is chipper. She is able to relax. This is a good thing. The other animals are doing fine also. Perla has her issues with her seizures but except for a scary one at the vet, she has been good.

  I still have cdiff. Still fighting it. Still a Poop Warrior.  I have to decide if I am going to have cataract surgery before the end of the year. I cannot drive at night without difficulty.

I have decided that I am going to make a conscious effort to blog her once a week. It was always good for me to just let that shit out. I am putting in my phone calendar. Every freaking Monday I will blog. As you can see, I am still Instagramming so you know I am alive.  Let us see if I can stick to a schedule.
Tata for now.

Knock knock? Anyone there?

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