Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ripe peaches are heaven


   I am taking a break from painting the kid`s room. We had gotten more then half done yesterday. It has gotten humid a bit because of the rain but I want to get it done. It is a deeper red from what she had before. It is Behr Forbidden Red. The last red was a bright red. This is more subdued. Better bedroom color, I think.
  I had my Mammo and a breast ultrasound. The conclusion is that my breasts are really dense. Especially the left one in the area where I and the Dr felt the lump. The tech showed me that we felt the upper ridge of the tissue. It feels like hills and valleys. So nothing scary! I have to redo every year. I will probably have to have ultrasounds too so that they are able to SEE anything. That was a big weight off my shoulders.

  The kid comes home in mid August. I still have not had to buy a AC for the downstairs. We are surviving nicely and the electric bill has been low. I wish I could type more but this computer is a piece of shit. I could buy a new Mac this week if I wanted to but I have to start shopping for a new fridge. The seal is going on the fridge door. I want something nice but I will get a scratch and dent to save moula. The man is going back to 2nd shift starting this week. He will come home much earlier then before and he will make a little bit more money. He is happy where he is and I am happy for him.
 That is about it. I have to change into my paint clothes and eat one of the local white skin peaches I bought today.

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