Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Damn fine cup of coffee


 Once a month, I buy a can of the Cafe Du Monde regular coffee and chicory coffee. I buy it locally so it does cost a bit more. I think I will just buy a few in the mail, cut out the middle man and save myself $5. I could buy a case this month because there is an extra payday. I could stretch those out for only twice a month and I would be set for a year. It would save me a chunk. I will think about it.
 This coffee will grow hair on your chest! It is sooo good!

It is gonna be a sweaty one today. I watered all the plants inside and out. I have a few tomato buds showi
ng. It is sad that I have so little to show for this year. I am giving tomatoes away at this time. Oh well. Took care of the fur babies. I always make sure they get out, do their stuff, come in, eat, drink and have ample areas to lay to keep cool.    And tossed laundry down the stairs. This is my inside day. I will wash all the bed linens, curtains from the living room and any stray rag laying around. If I do that plus get the livingroom tidy, I will have accomplished alot. I think I will probably make something simple like spaghetti for dinner <---no oven needed. Toss a salad and we are good!
I have that one wall to paint in the room. Gotta get to it soon. Probably today.... I was hoping to lose 5 lbs in flop sweat anyway.The kid comes home i
n a week. I have to go out to purchase her a mattress and box spring and a bed pillow. She will be all set. I found out from her that she will be leaving at the end of the year. She is moving in with a room mate. Her long time friend. She knows she is ready and she can do this. I am very happy for her and for us. So painting her room is a formality. Just showing her that I care..even though she wont be there very long. The boy will not get the room. Umm nope. We want to delete people in our house. One down, two to go. This summer has been so great. Less money has been spent. We got rid of cable. We are tossing stuff. It feels liberating!

 I have fi
nished my 2nd cup. I have another post to make and then I am off to sweat my ass off.

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