Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cooler days ahead

Estate sale find: $2

*245* <---Dr office scale! Woot!
 Time for a new computer. The letter n is now a wackadoo. I almost have enough saved up for a Mac.
   I had a nice weekend. I did not go to Sailfest but that is what I wanted.They all went and I had the house to myself. Kid #2 is making Chicken Adobo for dinner. And I have ice cream sundae supplies. Yes, I have had some bad shit on my mind and a ice cream sundae will do me a solid at this point. I have been thinking about it since Thursday.
 Some shit has transpired this past week. All I am saying right at this point is I have a mammo scheduled for the 22nd. Probably nothing at all as per usual with me. I just have stuff weighing on my mind about it. Send me some positive thoughts. That is all I ask.  I will elaborate when I know more.

 Cooler week ahead. It will be in the 70s. I am so looking forward to this. I have some shit to do in Kid #1`s room before I start painting. It will be lovely to do it while it is pleasant. She will be home in a month. The veggie garden is progressing. I have teeny cukes and squash blossums. I have some cherry tomatoes growing and the blueberries on my small bush are almost blue!

  I feel I should have more to say but like I said, my mind is elsewhere. I just wanted to post this week. I have to make a better effort at this.

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