Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heidi the Tattoed Lady

Natalie`s Jellyfish


 Natalie and I went for our tattoos yesterday. It was really good. I had joked with the guy that I was going to bring him a cake the last time I talked to him. He was raised in Hawaii and the topic of coconut came up. So yesterday morning, I made a 2 layer vanilla cake with butter cream frosting, covered in coconut, and a maraschino cherry on top. I even went so far as to go to AC Moore and get a $2 bakery box and cake rounds (i needed the cake rounds anyway). He was shocked when I walked in with the box. He had to open it right then and there. It was lucky. It is his wedding anniversary today so they have a nice cake to have for the weekend. He has a family so it isn't like I baked this mastodon cake for one person.
  Natalie went first and got the Jellyfish up top on her arm. It was a cover up job. The head of the jellyfish and the star were part of a bad moon tattoo she got a few years ago. The guy tattooed it too deep and caused alot of scar tissue. We will never let that guy touch us or anyone else (who asks) again. So it is very swollen in this picture because of the scar tissue. She is going to go back in a month and have more magenta put into the head. He did not want to anger the thing anymore. So that is why it looks unfinished. It will be done.
In Memory of Mom
I was next. I was having two tattoos done. The first one was this rose. It is an old fashioned sailor tattoo. It is for my Mother, Rose Covino Larson. She died 10 years ago this year and I felt I needed to honor her in a more permanent way. It is on my front right bicep. It hurt but not really. I was not wincing or anything. It was an easy tattoo. I am very happy with it and he loved to do it. He specializes in this kind of art. The kind of tattoos my Dad had are right up his alley.
Then it was time for the second one.....

This is the reason I baked him the cake. He said he would re-do it for free because it was a shame that it came out the way it did.  I was so scared. It hurt so badly when I had it done the first time. As those of you that follow along, it healed badly. The centers of the rounded moustache came off with the scab so it looked stupid. Fading I am okay with. Stupid, no!
 Well, it barely hurt at all. I mean there were some areas closer to my hand that smarted pretty badly but at that point he was almost done. He predicts that the last tattoo artist may have gone too deep. That is why it hurt like a bitch from start to finish and why it healed the way it did. I also got an unexpected compliment. This dude has no reason to blow any smoke up my ass at all. After he was done with the finger, I said "I bet you do not get many 43 yr old Moms coming in here to get a finger moustache?" He said "No, ah..wait. You said 43? I was guessing you were closer to my age. Like 36 or 37."
I said "Thank you! Thank you very much! "
Wow, 36 years old. I wish. I guess I can thank my Mom for the good genetics in the aging department. She never looked her age. Always younger. I LOVE IT!!

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  1. Great looking tattoos. Love the young complement too.
    I was carded for cigarettes the other day. I say oh thank you. The woman says gruff voice "I have to card everyone who looks under 30." Awesome! Privately I think she's a dumb shit. I do not look under 30.