Saturday, April 14, 2012

Early Riser

I wish it was a Pepsi

I woke up at 6am. Somebody left the ceiling fan on in the dining room. It is directly underneath my bed. It has been noisy lately. Not super nosy like we need to get rid of that thing, but just age. And we can hear it at night if someone left it on. I was passed out and did not hear it till this morning. Once I hear it, I am up. Damn kids!
 I have lots to do today. My *procedure* is on Wednesday so I have to cram in everything beforehand. I am going to finish making the bon bons that I started last night. I have some sewing of rips to do. I am going to plant my pansies today on the front porch. I am also going to my friend`s house for the evening. I am making dinner. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. She HATES to cook. I wanted to go visit her before her vacation was over and before I had my work done. I am not superstitious or anything. I just want to get things done before I go under.
 Natalie has a shit load of history homework to do. SHITLOAD. She waits until the last minute to do stuff. I told her that I would help her. Not actually do the homework but if she has any questions, go for it. I will be glad when she is finally done with the high school stuff. Then she can move on to bigger and better things.  Then I have to do Rainbow`s taxes. I am going to do them on his laptop and he is going to watch so that he can do it himself after that. He is the son that I did not get stretch marks from.
Oh and it might be hot as confined balls here next week when I have the surgery! Isnt that just lovely? My hootchie coo will be in pain, I will be sleeping off anesthesia, and I will be sweating.
 Yeah, this post is all over the map. I have no clear vision like other blogs. I just spit whatever I think out and my fingers type away. But that is okay. Some will say this is boring shit, why bother? Others will like reading about my life.
Today is just not a stellar blog post..that is all. I am not Pulitzer worthy. I am trying REALLY HARD! hehehehe
 I got nothing.
Okay, I do have something.
Not last night but the night before I had a dream that my house was on fire and I was trying, unsuccessfully, to put it out.
There have been a series of fires going on around the city lately. Last night there was a fire and two people died. Two days before there was a fire a couple miles away and the place was gutted. The fire last night, there was a fire around the corner a month or so ago and that was gutted too. People are speculating whether or not the Norwich arsonist has come to town or if we have our own fire bug. The fire department has never said any of the fires so far this year have been arson. One of the houses is tied to a mortgage scam where many people are going to prison. So it makes many of us in town uneasy. Is it just a coincidence or something else?

She can see clearly now.

Lu had her shots today and she also got her first summer cut of the season. Her tail is also blue. She was strutting her stuff around the vet and house afterward. She loves when she gets a haircut. She is very afraid when I pass her off to the groomer and I think she does not want to be there. But she stands still for her to cut her and she is a very good girl. I wish I could have her groomed on a regular like every two months but sometimes I cannot afford it. She was the Shaggy D.A. when I brought her in. But Melanie, the groomer, said that Lu was the best of the bunch. She had six dogs to do that day and Lu was the easiest. I guess I was not the only one that let the dogs hair grow. As you can see, she is my little baby. I love her very much. She is spoiled rotten. Oh, that is Ruby`s rump in the foreground. She thinks she is a small dog.

 So basically, I am going to try to get much done today and tomorrow. I have a GP appointment on Monday that they crammed me in for. I have a pedicure appointment for Tuesday afternoon and then I have the ablation. Jesus, I hope it does not hurt too badly. I mean afterward. You know me. I will be bitching and whining if it does!
okay..I need more coffee.


  1. I would have screamed my head off if my son had left the fan on, but he knows my quirks about sleeping.

    I wish you were closer, I'd love to help someone do their history homework. I love history.

    "Hot as confined balls." Heh.

    I hope the surgery will make your lady bits all better and take care of some of the pain.

    Shit, I can relate about the stellar blog post thing. I've been staring at my blog lately thinking, "There's got to be ONE thing I want to talk about."

    Lu is SO CUTE!

  2. She has to make up all this work and the teacher gave her extra to do to push her forward so she will finish the class before summer gets here.
    So We are gonna do it!!!!

    As for the blog, I KNOW certain people (you know who you are) are reading and probably making fun of me. But that is okay. I made fun of them plenty and will probably continue to do so. Fair is fair.
    So that does not stop me from writing what I want. I am trying to do this every day at least. I almost never write on Friday cause I am too damn busy.
    I am not a topic writer. You know that. I just write about shit and put little stories in and it is like my own therapy session.