Monday, April 9, 2012

Planting Seeds for my Fall bounty

Stop being so damn nosy!

Today I have all my seeds laid out for the community garden AND the big metal container out front. The container is going to be Spinach..and only Spinach. I will plant some seeds now and some later in the summer. I should have enough to last me quite awhile. I have all my popscicle sticks marked and after this blog post and slapping on a brassiere, I am off. In one plot I am going to try bibb lettuce, cabbage, beets, carrots, and summer squash. I am saving room in the other one but in one corner I want to plant some bush beans. See how they grow. I will post pictures of the progress. Oh. I also plant marigolds at the end of the row. It makes it look nice and I always know where my garden plots are.
As for nosy Gladys,  I thought she needed to be told to stop poking around where she doesn't belong. If you want to be part of the blog community, say hello! Let me get to meet you.

Have a good day all!


  1. At least Gladys Kravitz meant no harm, amirite?

  2. You are absolutely right. I think Gladys needs to find a hobby. Like growing crops, knitting, or pottery.
    Something to keep her nosy ass occupied.

  3. Oh, and everything is planted. I even got a rooted piece of the blackberry monstrosity at the community garden. I need to plant it in an area that I will not mind if it goes crazy. I want the blackberries but I do not want to lose my yard in the process.

  4. Good deal! You'll have to take pictures once it all starts coming up :)

  5. I got 8 free red sweet pepper seedlings today. I planted them in some cowpots and they are save inside till they are bigger and it gets warmer.

  6. I want to plant potatoes on my deck in garbage containers. I've seen pictures of it. I have sunflower, tomato and corn seedlings anxious to get planted and I still have at least four weeks to go before I can do it. I hope they don't die.

  7. Oh Frimmy. Do I have something for you!

    I want to do this but i do not know if I will get to it this year. It give detailed instructions on how to do it.

  8. *Puts hands up in the air*

    Okay, you caught me. I have been lurking, not commenting. So, hi. My name is MuserMommy and I am a regular blog reader of yours. Hopefully I can pay my fine and keep reading peacefully.

  9. Hi Muser! Oh, I am not talking about you. I am not talking about 99% of my readers. I know there are people out there that I do not know that read here. I know there are trolls from my past that read here to (why??) and that doesnt bother me either. What bothers me is when someone comes on here to dig up dirt on someone else. You do not know me little girl. Why are you here? Dont you have plans to make? Homework to do?
    Skee-fucking-daddle biotch! Stop nosing around for dirt on my friend. You wont find it here.