Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tattoo scabs drive me insane!

Revolution Sweet Red Peppers

*I do not give a shit today*

 I want to say that tattoo  scabs that just hang there on your skin waiting to be picked off BUT YOU CANNOT..are evil. My finger moustache has a half inch long scab that I keep rubbing up against my middle finger. The smart side of my brain knows to leave it alone. Put lotion on it and eventually it will fall off. The child in me wants to pick it!!!!! The moustache is actually healing pretty good this time around. I can see where there might be a small bit of hole in it but nothing like before. I will take a pic when all the scabs are gone. The rose is doing great. I had to slap it a couple times because of the itch but only the leaves have scabs now. I have even gotten some compliments on it. I happy with both.

  I did some planting yesterday as I had said I might do. In the afternoon, I went to Fiddleheads with Chelsea to pick up some food supplies and I found a freebie bounty. Someone put out a HUGE flat with tiny holes and each hole had one of these Revolution red pepper shoots. There had to have been at least 300. It said free for the taking. Take more then one. So I took six. Right next to it, they were selling Cowpots, which I have always wanted to try. Perfect opportunity. Check out the link on the cowpots. They are from here in CT and the kind found an ingenious way to use the cow poop on his dairy farm. So I went home and planted them in the cowpots. I watered them and I brought them inside to mature. Way too cold for any kind of peppers to be outside this time of year.
 If these babies are successful and give me nice big red bells, I am going to roast them on the grill and can them for the winter. I have a recipe on what to do. I do not like roasted red peppers. They are slimy to me. BUT Fred and Chelsea do. This is where I compromise. I make things they like because it would be sinful to waste those beautiful peppers. In turn, I will get a hearty thank you!

  I cleaned the downstairs bathroom today. What a fucking swamp. It is the girls bathroom basically and it was yucky. It is obvious they are not going to clean it and I need it clean if people come over so I cleaned it.
 My stomach has been lurching all day long. Even when I do stuff. I will definitely call the gastro after my surgery. Most definitely.

Now where did I put those Thin Mints.....?

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