Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just a quick update

*267*<-----I had not been on the scale awhile!

Updates are good because sometimes you all probably wonder what the hell happened with this or that.
I will start with my ablation. May 2nd will be 2 weeks since the procedure. I still have to wear a pad. One pad for the whole day. I have been reading and I have noticed that the more that I do physically, the more I will leak. It is said that once you are done with the discharge, your basically all healed. I hope it ends soon because I am tired of it. I found out that some woman suffer back pain with this procedure. I will let him know when I have my follow up appointment..if it is still bothering me.

The Lavender Jelly is a hit. All the people that I have given it to so far love it. I went and bought more lavender today at the co-op and some more canning jars. I miss wrote how much the lavender actually is. It is actually $46.59 per pound! Now, I buy a cup and that costs me a little over $2. But that is how special this jelly is.
This is a Ball Collection Elite Wide Mouth (8oz)Half Pint jars. Last year I bought two packs of four for $4 each at Walmart. I liked them and I did not like them. They are a pain in the butt in the canner. But I love the shape. Guess what? There is a reason they are called Elite. They do not make them anymore!! So I went to Walmart this afternoon and found two packages up on the top shelf. Last two. Still $4 each. I snagged them up. I will save them for either the lavender jelly or something special. This one in the picture is for A-Gran. I have to  mail it out to her on Friday (i will have P.O. money then).

 At first I did not know if I would like the Kindle. Then Angie told me about Pixel of Ink on Facebook and I was in heaven. They post all the free Kindle books that Amazon is giving away on that particular day. I have been reading. I read one short story called 12/21/12 that was about the end of the world. That story pissed me off so much at the end, I wanted to throw the Kindle. It was confusing towards the end. WTF! Do not read that one. I deleted it from my list. I am reading a book now called Mozart`s Wife. It is really good. I got it as a freebie but I heard it is like $3 to buy. So the Kindle is good to have. I still love regular books but this will be good when I am on the train.

Speaking of the train, I am going away soon. In a little more then two weeks, I will be on the train to Jersey for four great days. I cant wait! I wonder how my family is going to survive without me?

Is there anything else? Not that I can think of. It is a nice cool and sunny Sunday. Fred and I have been cleaning. I am taking a break to be on here cause I have not been on at all today. Chelsea is out with friends. Fred and Natalie are watching the movie Hanna. I am going to make tacos for dinner.

Have a nice evening!


  1. I will look at my Walmart for the jars, if you like.

  2. Please! They are in a pack of four. I tried to find them in other hardware stores but nope.

  3. I'm even MORE excited now! I love those jars but they're pricy!

    I am going to be your best customer. Oh man, I cannot wait! Thank you so much for the lavender jelly. I don't have to share, do I?

  4. No, you do not have to share. :)

  5. I looked tonight, but no luck. There is another Walmart fifteen miles away, when I'm there again, I'll check it out.