Monday, April 30, 2012

I am NOT asking you to click

Slick yummy advertising

Have you noticed the growing amount of advertising on the blog?
 I wanted to share. I have had AdSense for awhile now and it never really went anywhere. A penny here or there for the amount of traffic that I get. Once day I clicked on it and there was a pop up. It said I was eligible to be in the Google Affiliate Program. I was approved right away. I am telling YOU this so that if you have a blog and you would like to make a little extra cash, you can do it too. I have not made anything yet cause I just started. It is fairly easy to do. I am kind of stupid when it comes to links and shit and I was able to post all those there on the right hand side.
 You can go through a list of advertisers. Some you know, some you do not. You pick and choose which ones you would like to be approved for. I have been rejected by the biggies like Sears and Kohl`s but I have others. It is fun to play around with and I might make some money and I am sharing cause you could too.
I have NOT figured out how to make a link. Some advertisers like Fashion bug just give you the guts and then you have to make the link. I have been here for half and hour and cannot figure it out. I may have to ask somebody to show this stupido how it is done.

So good luck! Let me know if it works out for you and remember..I did NOT tell you to click on my links!

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