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  That picture has nothing to do what I am talking about but I had to post it! They are basically saying that Ovaltine will cure your night time rumination. You will not have anymore anxiety if you just drink some goddamn Ovaltine. Yeah, right. A Valium will help even better!

 I think I over did it yesterday. My right hip, buttock and down the leg hurt. It feels like sciatica all right. Just like when I hurt my back. But I did not hurt my back yesterday. I didn't lift, tug, or pull anything. I did not pop anything. I folded laundry. I have noticed for the past few days that my lower back has been hurting. If I stand too long. Like before. See...when you have had herniated disc, you know what it feels like. I can justify and talk it all away but it feels the same. I hope the fuck not.  I am going to just no do anything today and hope tomorrow and the next day will be better. I could have just pulled a muscle. Yeah, that`s what it is! It doesn't feel exactly like sciatica at all. Shit!
I need to start going to the gym again. My leakage is almost done. I will have to wait for this pain in my back to subside and then off to the gym to strengthen those muscles back there. I do not want anymore back surgeries! No sister! It hurts to sit too long and it hurts to bend over to pick stuff up. I am posting this as a benchmark for myself too. Just in case it does not go away on it`s own, I will know when it started to tell the Neuro.
You all must think I am a major mess. I just have learned to roll with it. This is my life. It sucks major ass sometimes but for whatever reason, I have to endure it. And I have so far. If I have another damn disc to be worked on, so be it. But I will wait. I will not have it done until the winter time. (this is unless the Dr says it needs to be done toot sweet.) But I am over thinking. Stop it! It is a pulled muscle.

  So no big spring cleaning projects for me today.
 I got the shock of my life yesterday though. Natalie cleaned the kitchen! She put color in her hair and she asked me to rinse it (shampoo/condition too). I said will you do the dishes. (i didnt want too) She said she would do what was in the sinks. She walked away. I got up and washed all in one sink, and tended to her hair. I know we had a deal but my ass hurts and I just did not want to argue.
Then I am sitting here contemplating that I HAVE to do the dishes so I can cook dinner. I hear her turn the water on. Girl put on rubber gloves, washed all the dishes (except for the bacon greasy frypan), put them all away, wiped down all the counters, and washed the floor! I was flabbergasted. THANK YOU!!! She has no idea. Gifts are nice but when someone does your work for you, that is a major blessing.

I did spend money yesterday after all. 
  Fred had the day off and I did not have enough chicken for all of us.

 So I did change.  As in, "I am going to do the change!" No? Okay. " I am going to take the change to the bank, put it in machine, and get cash for it!" *in sing song voice*

 Now now, do not go starting a charity for us or anything. I do change alot. See, Fred is a change hoarder. There are jars all over the house just for this purpose. When a particular jar we have gets high enough with change, I know there is $40-50 in it. Our credit union does not charge to change coin to cash with their machine either. So we went. I had $40.19 in change. I brought my $20 for gas for the Jeep. I also took out $20 from the ATM (do not slap me!) because Fred needed gas for the Nissan and he was broke too. So I had gas for both cars, big package of hamburger on sale!!!!, chicken for dinner last night, hot dogs b1g1 plus buns, and paper towels. Oh and ice cream. Plus a couple other things here and there. I had $50 to spend. I spent $45.
I was going to be buying hamburger on Friday anyway (package cost $13 for a little under 6 lbs), so that $20 was part of the shopping. The paper towels will last us until the following payday too. So it is all good.
Gas is $4.09 a gallon regular here in my neck of the woods. I hate it. I wish we did not have the Jeep sometimes even though I love it to death.

Oh! I also bought a packet of 6 brussel sprout plants for the garden for $1.99. So that money goes towards lots and lots of brussel sprouts to be par boiled and frozen for the winter.
I am really liking this strangle hold that I have on the money.  I will like it next week when I actually have more money in the food budget. But i am really digging the fact that I was able to no spend and I can pay this bill that is due. Usually I would just spend as usual and be fucked at the end of the month. Now I am not stressing it. I have the money to pay it. Well, I will on Friday.
  I am going to continue this. It is like a money diet. I might actually lose some weight too. Because I eat less because there are more people to feed and I do not cook TOO much food because I do not want to waste.

 I have babbled on enough. I want to do stuff today but I have to favor my bootay. Wonder what i can do that does not involve me sitting on my ass in front of a computer all day long...hmmm?

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