Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On a roll

I did not heed my own advice about not doing anything. It seems the more housework that I have done today, the better the pain felt. Except for picking up off the floor. I still get an ouch from that. I have washed throw rugs, my comforter, and a few odds and ends. I fed Natalie`s rats while she was in school doing extra hours. Then while I was in there I picked up all the big and yucky chunks in her room. Filled a garbage bag. I swept, I did the few dishes we have, and I drove people around. Now I sit with my soda and relax. I will make dinner and I do have two huge cardboard boxes to break down for recycle. But so far I feel better now then I did this morning. Weird huh? I will keep an eye on the pain.


  1. Sometimes a person just needs to get a good stretch :)

  2. Yeah, that is what I was thinking but I woke up and it is back. I am not going to stress it though. Once you have had disc issues, you tend to never forget. This was a four year hellacious saga that I do not want to repeat. My faux period is almost over. Natalie and I are going to start back up at the gym. I am hoping gentle stretching and strengthening will help.