Monday, April 9, 2012

Vomitrocious! Is that a word?

Don't you wish puke was that magical?


I have not been complaining about my gut lately because it has been fine and dandy. Until after I got that head cold. Now every single day I feel like crap. It does not matter what I eat or do not eat, I feel nauseated.
 I THOUGHT I was having a Meneire`s attack last week but did I? Or is this what is plaguing my gut coming back to haunt me. Now you could say that maybe it is Meneire`s all along. But that disorder is very specific. You know when it hits you and it is awful! That is why I think it pretty much was. I had the ringing in my ears, dizzy, nauseated, basically the whole shebang!  It is sick! I need to lay off the food for now.
Do not worry. I am not gonna starve myself. I just have to stop eating full meals. Eat a little bit until this passes. I have been drinking that god awful orange crap the whole time. I may have missed a day or two but basically I have been drinking it every week.
 I am having the ablation next week and I do not want to get all wrapped up in the Gastro right now. He will want to do more expensive tests that I cannot afford.
So yeah, I feel like shit AGAIN. I have a new symptom too. Sometimes when I eat, I get sharp pains in the top of my stomach. I wonder if it truly is my gallbladder. The pain IS in my stomach, no doubt about that but it is sharp. Scared me a bit and made me sit up and take notice.

 I feel like puke.

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