Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday was a Hot Mess!

Someone is not pleased
*273*  <----I need to lay off the stress eating and the Easter candy!!
***This is going to be a looonnnnggg post so you might want to get a beverage.***

   First off, see my curb picked chairs! My friend had them outside of her spa, free for the taking. They are gorgeous and sturdy. I have a plan now! I am going to paint these and two stools (from same person) in the same colors. Then I am going to get some fabric for the reupholstering the cushions and I have a big foot stool that needs to be re-done also. This is part of my re-decorating. I need to get rid of this cabinet behind me. The person that was gonna take it fell through. I think it is going to end up outside and then eventually the dump. I do not want to deal with creepy craigslist people. *shaking head*. I want to get rid of it because it does not fit my needs anymore. I want another wire shelving unit like the one I have. I want to use it to stock my canning. I will have it anchored to the wall so the cats do not mess up my goodness.
So nice freebie pick, huh? All the animals and our big butts like it!

  The chairs were the highlight of my day after all the bullshit I went through. Ugh. We will start with the pre-op appointment with the Dr. I went in thinking that my outpatient surgery will be April 18, 2012. I go in there and they tell me that it has been moved to May 3rd and I need to get medical clearance from my GP. I was never told I needed to go get the medical clearance. I was mad because no one called me to tell me things had been moved. I specifically scheduled my trip to see Dale with enough time to heal. Now what?
   It was a long visit. I was scheduled for 1030 and I did not actually see my Dr until 1220. Yup. He explained later (without breaking hippa laws) that he had a patient that needed to go to hospital but she was hesitant. So he had to explain to her the severity of her situation. THAT is why it took soooo long. I basically tell him that I am not pleased. I was under the assumption that I was going to be having surgery  next week. How is this going to effect my trip? He said that it would not be prudent for me to go on the trip if I had surgery May 3. I said, Then I guess we will have to schedule my surgery after my trip! Non-refundable tickets! I was nice to him because he is a really nice guy. He just has some brusk office workers. They deal with hormonal bitches all day long. Not saying it is not right but I get it. He left and said he would be right back. He cracked the whip. They were able to get another patient to change their surgery date with me AND they were able to get hospital scheduling to change also. I have to go see my GP on Monday (squeezing me in) to get  medical clearance for my diabetes because I have surgery on Wednesday. Phew! It is because he is friends with Fred. I know to some that would be considered favoritism and I totally agree with you. My husband has worked at that hospital for 23 years and he is a friendly guy. He knows a lot of people. Nurses, Doctors, higher ups, and lower downs. I am a very lucky lady to have Fred in my corner.  So I left and I was good.

   I picked up Natalie so we could run errands.
 Now, you all know me to be a nice, loving person that would do anything for you. I do have a slight temper that usually is directed towards my family..dogs included. I joke that I am gonna slap a bitch but that is usually in my mind cause the days of tussling are over now. Fatty don't do jail cells.

I spent more money then I should on necessities but we will just be poor for the week. I have done it before. As long as there is gas, food, and I have my Vicodin for my surgery..all is okay.

So I go to the 7-11 down the street from my house. I am a regular. It is in my neighborhood. I have lived in this part of NL for 18 years. I go in to get my usual..Loaf of Calise bakery round Italian sliced bread, a small sized Gulp of Diet Pepsi, and $25 in gas. This woman works there now that is quite weird and whenever she works, the lines are long. So I tell her gas for the big white Jeep..over there----> She punches in whatever, takes my money and I am on my way. Natalie is in the Jeep. I go to pump the gas but the pump isn't turned on. I actually said. Oh God. This has happened before with her. One cold night I bought $20 in gas, she didn't turn the pump on and then she said that she had no record of me paying for gas. I told her to turn it on. After about 10 minutes or so, she did.
This time was different.
I came in and politely said Could you please turn the pump on?  I am not going to go thru the entire conversation but the gist of it was..I never gave her $25 to pump gas. She did not even remember me from the point of walking to my car and back. She did not even remember our transaction!! She came out to the pump and told me that I was a liar. That I had already pumped the gas. I said, HOW? You said I never gave you any money? I was standing there in front of a group of people in line, yelling at this woman to either give me my money or my gas. I said, "This is not the first time you have done this to me." She says, "I have never seen you before in my entire life!" OMG!! She waits on me all the frigging time. Someone is either off their meds or taking meds that they shouldnt. Then I screamed "Where is Mohammed???" (he is the boss). He won`t be in till the morning. I wanted her to take my name and number cause I was going to talk to Mohammed in the morning. Oh yes I was! I asked her. "What are you gonna do when you cash out later and realize you are $25 over?" She said" it wont happen". I was so pissed, I actually went to another store and picked up a lemonade 4 loko malt.
 Later after grocery shopping I come home and there is a message...from her. She said that I could come down to the 7-11 and pick up my $25. VINDICATION!!!!
I go down there and the young guy is on. He gives me the money and tells me that dummy had turned on the kerosene pump behind the store. That is where my $25 went. That is why she could not find it at first. He asked me if I was going to tell Mohammed. "He will be in at 8am tomorrow morning!" He proceeds to tell me that this lady always messes up and because he works after her..blames him for it. So he really wanted me to tell him.
So this morning I did. I tattle taled. I have not done that since I was a little girl but I do not care. He needed to know.
I walked up to him and shook his hand and said my name is Heidi. Even though he has known me for over 15 years, he doesn't know my name. I told him what happened. When I told him the part when she called me a liar, his whole demeanor changed. He said, You are not a liar, I know you! He made me get a free gulp soda. I said that if I am coming for gas or anything and she is here, I will shop elsewhere. Nothing against him at all. I just do not want to encounter her again. I told him that I was very strong but I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. She was going to get hit by me so I had to not be around her anymore.
 So she will either still be working there or she will get fired. I do not know. Part of me feels badly if she gets fired but she should not be working customer service. She was pissy at me from the moment I walked back into the store.

Then I scored those gorgeous chairs (i am sitting in one now), and I took Natalie and Raymond to chinese buffet. They had seafood galore and I was sooo happy! I was not cooking after the day I had.

Today i am going to make Fred`s rubbed chicken wings and french fries for dinner. I think I will get some lettuce at Pezzello`s and make a nice salad too.
.Natalie said she was shocked. She had NEVER seen me yell at someone other then family and it scared her a little. She was proud of me because I never swore at the woman the whole time until the end.

That was my day yesterday...hope yours was mucho better!


  1. My friend had nearly the same thing happen to here except she swapped pumps and gave another patron her money in gas her his hers happened to be more so score for the dude. She gave attendent the devil and vowed not to come back when she was there. In her neighborhood too. AGGRAVATING.

  2. Part of me wanted to stamp my feet in the store and say GIVE ME MY MONEY!!
    She was basically stealing from me. I had to drive to another gas station to get gas.

    1. I really thought you were going to say she stuck the money in her pocket, never to be seen again! Good for you!

    2. The mailman told me that I should have stood my ground and made her count out the register. She could have easily pocketed the money and I would have been out. But I know that is not the case. Mohammed was ready to give me the money when I went to see him the next day. If I was a shithead, i could have gotten another $25 but i am not like that.

  3. Oh Heidi, so glad you can still take your trip. Your Fred sounds like a sweetie and think it is great that your Dr. got the surgery sorted out.

    I would have done the same with a clerk who called me a liar, such crappy customer service. I used to manage a General Store and I know you have to get rid of people like her or your customers will go somewhere else.

    I Love the chairs! I think you made quite the score there :)

    Big Hugs,

  4. Yikes! What a day!!!

    The chairs are really nice though. :)

  5. Imagine if that was your last 25 bucks? I'd have lost my shit. Glad you got your surgery date back.

  6. These are Ethan Allen chairs. I remember when she sold two others with arms. I was mad I missed out.
    Good things come to those who wait.

  7. I think she is still working there. Oh well. I did my duty. Hopefully, he will believe the next person that comes in and tells him.