Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden, Interrupted

Book Barn Cat. Not my cat

 The spinach seeds in the barrel out front are sprouting. My chives in the back are not. I have pepper plants, Kale plants, and now Mustard green plants sitting on top of my fridge. There is a window above the fridge, so they get sunlight and heat from the box.
 It has been too cold to plant. The seeds that I planted in the community garden never even sprouted, but the fucking weeds have! This is my last year there. They added some bogus weed filled fill last year and we all have been fighting it ever since. It is bullshit.
 But I am mad cause I have all these plants ready to go. I have not even bought tomato plants yet!! I should have them in the pots already in the back patio. But we have had freeze warning three nights in a row.
Anyone else having this issue?
 I should stop complaining. Farmer`s Almanac says that New England is going to be muy caliente this summer. So I guess this is okay *scuffing foot* . I refuse to turn the heat on even though we are all cold.

So yeah. Chelsea went out with a friend of hers and he brought a gift for her/me. A six pack of mustard greens. I have never grown them but I have grown greens before. I will fill one bed with the mustard greens and the Kale. Then I will plant the peppers in the other plot. I will save a couple for here at the house. I need to buy more utility buckets and start buying soil. Ugh! Everything costs money. Then I need to buy some annuals for the planters that are hanging off the front porch. I am waiting because of the weather.
 I want something that will hang over the sides.
Gotta think about it...


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