Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!


Happy May Day!
We are in the middle of Spring now. It is 50 deg F and it is raining. A really yucktastic day out there in Connecticut. I cant complain. The ground it getting a much needed drink of water.
 We do not celebrate May Day anymore around here. My Mom told me that back when she was young. you would make a May Day basket of flowers. Then you would put them on the doorstep of someone, rang the doorbell, and run away. The receiver of the flowers was supposed to try to catch you. Sadly, that does not happen anymore. I think that would be cool to get a basket of flowers. Like an extended Valentine`s Day.
 I am supposed to go to the gym this morning. Right about now, in fact. Fred told me NOT to wake up Natalie. She is grown and has to learn to do it for herself. I am also supposed to take Raymond to fill out computerized application at the hospital. Same thing. He knows. I am not going to nag him. You know who they are going to be mad at when they wake up, don't you?

 This is a nothing post really. It is a fantastically crappy day out and I hate driving in the rain in the Jeep. At midnight, my phone will have no service (Virgin Mobile) and I wont be able to turn it back on until Friday. I forgot that my phone gets rebooted at the first of the month now. I did not budget for it in my lack of money. Oh well. No Facebook or internet for two nights for me. I will survive. I will read the Kindle. So if you do not see me online, you know why.

I think the most exciting thing that is going to happen around here are some nice long naps. And some cooking. I still have NOT made those damn donuts. I hate myself sometimes. I want to do things but my body says NO..you are going to relax now cause that will make you more tired. So Stop it!
Then I never get things done or they get done days or weeks after I started to think about it. I have to get the next batch of Lavender jelly going cause I have a couple people that want some. Oh! I got one person that said YUCKY! They did not want to tell me that and they apologized. I told them that is perfectly OK. I want honest opinions. Some people are going to like it, others are not. I will give her a big thing of strawberry when it is done.
Okay, I guess that wraps up this edition of Heidi`s boring ass life in urban coastal Connecticut.

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