Monday, May 21, 2012

Home again Home again Jiggedy Jog

Dale`s dog Sissy

Okay, still working on the virus with a tech online. Waiting for her reply so I figured I would finish what I started. That beautiful specimen is Sissy. She is the sweetest dog you could ever meet and I have met plenty.
Black skinned chicken
They are a product of Asia. We went to this HUGE Asian market in her area to get some purple yams but they were sold out. Fred and I want to know what these chickens taste like (all dark meat) but we do not have anything like that here. So I had to take a picture for posterity.
Kiss me!
Yup, that is exactly what you think it is and NO, I did not touch it. Yuck!
One of the things we did during the week is thrifting. I found this beauty at the Goodwill. It is metal and it cost me $1.99. Some may say it is ugly but I think it is the cat`s pajamas. Someone took the time to carve it, I am going to enjoy it in all it`s utter weirdness.
Another thing we did was some antiquing. It was hot that day so the place was rather warm. I was getting a headache from all the vintage overload on my eyes. Until I saw this closet! Isn't that the prettiest thing you ever did see?
I did not buy any. Too rich for my blood.  I picked up a coffee hound cup and two metal stars.
At the Philly station, there was a forty minute wait because someone jumped in front of our train when it was in Delaware. So I went potty, checked my blood sugar, and had some food. Very bad food! LOL
I knew I was going to feel like crap standing in line for who knows how long, so I got some food into me for the long train ride home. I do not like the food on the train. Yuck!
Took forever
I was near the front of the line, thank goodness. We all stood there for 30 minutes. I had a woman from CT standing next to me so we chatted up a bit. I was worried because my bags were heavy but I was able to make it down the escalator fine and onto the train. I even got a seat next to a nice person that smelled good.
I have a video of the NYC skyline at night from the train but the computer and blogger are being a butthead today so that is not going to be on here.

I had a good time. Good talks. Good laughs. It took me four days to come to any kind of normal for me. That trip wiped me the fuck out. I could not even talk or type correctly because my brain was so tired. I am glad I went but I am also glad I am home to be able to rest up. I think I have truly figured out my limitations.
I cannot go go go anymore. Slow like a turtle is the pace that keeps me good on a day to day. I miss being able to do it all but I just have to be realistic. Trips to far away places will be few and far between on my agenda.

Hope you didnt miss me too much!

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