Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Money Talk

Great Depression Bread Line

 I wanted to say that it is going well and not so well. I have spent money on things that are not in the budget for this week. Fred gave me some extra money because he got paid extra on Saturday. I was able to buy Broasted chicken for Saturday night dinner. I made the sides. I proceeded to use the rest of the money for gas, eggs, soda, and other odds and ends (food wise). I bought canning jars and laundry detergent. I could have not bought these things and still had money but I bought them and I do not feel bad. Today we all splurged on a donut each. Everyone pitched in.

So it is working in the sense that I am paying much more attention to the money then I used to. And I am going to stick with that. Every week, I am NOT going to take whatever I want to spend. I am only going to take the minimum amount that I allow myself.  I have a couple bills to pay this week and I have to grocery shop. I want to save money for my trip to Jersey after Mother`s day.
I am not going back to spending willy nilly. I have to continue this but not as dire. I am going to add another $50 to the grocery money and that should hold us over all week long. I SEE how much I can really buy with my money that I do not have to buy crap. I can buy meat and staples and have good meals.
 My blood sugars are phenomanal since I have been doing this. Normal range across the board because I changed the amount of insulin at meals and the amount of food I am eating is less. I have not noticed any weight loss but my pants are not as tight. So this is good too. Not so much junk in the house means more money and healthier us!

Tonight is going to be a cold weather meal fitting for this cold and wet day. Meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, buttered corn, and Jiff corn bread in the iron skillet. Nice stick to your ribs meal.

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