Sunday, May 27, 2012

Steak for one


It is humid today. It was supposed to be a bit more enjoyable weather wise but I am guessing that is a no. I have the fans going. I will be good.
Because of Ruby and her psycho tendencies, I am staying behind today while everyone else goes to a cook out. What to do? What to do?
 I have some 1/2 scale dollhouse kits I could work on. I have about 60 books on my Kindle. There is Netflix. I could clean but that would defeat the purpose of relaxation. I will probably straighten up the living room so I can be comfy cozy while I do nothing in particular today.
I have a couple magazines that I have not read. Oh! And I have a LARGE steak to grill for myself later on today. Yummy!
I think I will slice up some cucumber and onion to go with it. Perfect meal for me.
 After Ruby had that bad case of separation anxiety when I went to Jersey, I decided that I would be the one to stay behind this time around so she could get some Mom time. Of course she is out in the yard most of the morning. She would rather be outside. Which is good. I just need her to come in a drink on a regular. Like she is a kid or something.

Yesterday I received a box of goodies from a friend. She was cheering me up over some bad feelings and sadness that I am not going to share here.
It made me instantly happy to see it all. For the mini people, I got the Greenleaf Spring Fling 2012 kit with the optional sun roof, the greenhouse kit, a 1/2 scale kit, some furniture kits, and a Audrey Hepburn DVD (among other things). I actually giggled all by myself as I was digging in the box!
So that is my wonderful Sunday/holiday plans today.
Hanging out with the dogs.

Hope you have a more interesting day.


  1. What an awesome day and a fabulous gift!!!

    1. Awesome lazy day! I ate way too much steak and salad.
      They came home around 8pm and they were starving because there wasn't enough food. Raymond and I had already eaten so we just shrugged our shoulders.