Thursday, May 3, 2012

My children are growing!

My favorite picture
  Chelsea cleaned out the book shelf here in the diningroom yesterday. When I say cleaned it out..I mean she threw away all her paper madness! It is clean! She wanted to hook up the printer to the laptop so she could scan something. I told her the plugs were in the top shelf of that mountainous mess. She found the plug for the wall but not the plug to the computer. She tore apart the entire bookcase because she knew that 90% of that shit was hers. I am absolutely thrilled! It is the best gift I could have ever gotten. I hated looking at that bookshelf. She would save every fucking scrap of paper (like her father) and shove it any old place in that shelf. I had cleaned it before but she would crap it back up again. One day I decided I was not going to do it anymore. It is not my mess.


She did`nt find the cord though. I am going to hunt in other locations within the diningroom to find it. It cannot be far. I would have kept both cords together.
Oh btw..Chelsea is in purple and Natalie is in blue. This picture is about 3-4 years old. One of my favorites of them being goofy.

Last week, Natalie completely cleaned the kitchen! I was shocked to shit at that. I think they are growing. I think they realize it is not fair that I have to TRY to do it all. Because I cannot. Even if I was an able bodied person, it is not fair to have to pick up the crap of other adults unless I am getting paid for it. I think this is the best early Mother`s Day gift I could get. I know that part of what I have been doing and teaching has finally sunk in. I wanted to get rid of that bookshelf so badly because of the MASSIVE clutter. I did not have a picture but it was really bad. It was embarrassing is what it was.
 So I am happy and I think I will work on the rest of the diningroom today. I have this $7 grill to still put together that is sitting in the middle and the search for the plug!
What a great day this is turning out to be...even though it is raining.


  1. I found the cord and the disc in the first place that i looked!!!

  2. I love watching my children become adults, it's so satisfying. All that work is finally paying off!

    And YAY! on the cord :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. Yes they are. Even when they look this way. :)