Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother`s Day


I hope you all have a wonderful day today. I hope you have a wonderful day full of love, family, gifts, and brunch!
I got up about an hour ago and I am helping Fred prepare my Mother`s day breakfast. He went out to the store and I washed all the dishes from last night. He called his Mom and his godmother (message). He and I are just hanging out. Chelsea and Natalie are still sleeping.
It is just another day.
I am not going to complain because I did that already to a group of my friends. One kid plum forgot until 8pm last night and the other just doesn't like me for whatever her reasons. I am not going to cry over it this year as in years past.
It is just another day.
I think I need to re-evaluate myself though. I do so much for them as their Mother and only ask for some recognition in return. I can`t be given that gift today then I am not going to be there for them in many aspects.
The day is not over but it has already started off badly.
It is just another day.


  1. Update:
    its just another Sunday around here. On kid said HMD, the other asked me if it was gonna rain tomorrow.
    No cards.
    No gifts.
    No flowers.

    Just a regular old Sunday.

  2. Boy, Heidi, I don't know which is worse...having a kid not show up or having one there and acting like it's nothing special. Either way, I think we're both glad the day is over, yeah?

  3. This is so sad, Heidi. If you can't get one day where they make a fuss over you then how can they make demands on you the other 364 days? I don't know if your kids read here but if they do then I want say "Shame on you!" You only get one mom and this is a disgraceful way to treat her.

    You can delete this if you want to. I'll understand. I don't want any problems but this really is a very sad post and it deserves to be addressed appropriately. You deserved better than that.

  4. They do not read here but if they did, I would leave this up.

    I have to say that when I came back from my trip, I was pleasantly surprised. They truly missed me. Every one of them. Raymond even gave me a big hug and that is the very first time.
    So I was missed and they cleaned the whole downstairs! Of course it is a mess again. LOL

    It is sad Angie for both of us.