Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That aint your baby!

Plants in the garden are doing well. Every time I go, I pull baby weeds. The water was good too. If you pull away the surface of the soil, you can see how far down it is wet or dry. It was very good! I only had to water the top surface. Keep growing babies!
Speaking of babies...

Is it creeping when a couple (more one then the other) posts status updates about another couple`s kids and calls them *their* kids? "Look at MY baby! I helped MY baby get dressed. I am going to buy my baby the best for their birthday!"
  They are not related at all. Just friends. Not long old friends either. Cause I have hugged up close friends kids but I never went as far as posting their pics on MY wall and calling them my kids. That will be when I have grandbabies one day.
 Some people that I know do it all the fucking time. They are young and it is not that they cannot conceive. They have just decided that one of this couple`s children and the one that is in the womb are theirs.

You are probably going huh? I do too. Every time they post.  I just thought i would throw it out there. It is just bizarre to me. I have never seen it before. And part of me wants to post.

It is cooler today then the past two days, THANK GOD! I took Natalie to school so she could get some last minute work done. I am going to slowly putter around the house today. I did not sleep much. I woke up at 5am with something in my eye. Eyelash? Dust? I dont know. But it hurt enough to wake me up. I flushed it out and I was up after that.
Do not know what I am making for dinner. I wish I could make chop suey but Natalie hates it. Maybe I will make it anyway! :)

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