Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial day weekend


  We are coming onto the beginning of summer. Not officially but when the beach starts charging, it is summer for us here. We went yesterday and it was gloomy and foggy. The beach pass is $5 more this year but I will buy it. It pays for it self in entertainment by the time July rolls around and it is good until Labor day. Day and Night. Fireworks, car shows, swimming, pool, etc. We like it

 This Sunday, Fred and the girls are going to RI to visit the family for a cookout. I am staying behind because of psycho dog. She would tear this house apart if she was left to her own devices. She is crazy. We tried to crate her when she was young but she literally screamed the whole time she was in the box. We tried it for a week and no one got any sleep. I think as a younger puppy, she was sleeping with the humans in the house she came from. She is getting better with the discipline but she had bad separation anxiety when I went to Jersey and I do not want to leave her so soon. So I will stay here, grill a steak, and who knows what. I have the house to myself! Maybe I will watch a tv series on Netflix. Read a book. Take a nap on the couch with the dogs. It will be good.
I promised I would get some strawberry jam done too. Maybe just maybe i will do that too. If it is not hot. I think it could be okay.
It could all end up being a wash anyway because there is a tropical storm churning out there near us. It could hit Saturday or Sunday. That will mean no cook out and he most likely will not go. Crossing fingers that I get the house to myself! LOL
  So everyone cross their fingers that Heidi gets some alone time! Ha!

*I got cramps and I am moody this afternoon. That is it so far*

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