Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Milo is a feline Houdini

He actually stopped and posed for Natalie
I saw Milo this morning when I came downstairs. I picked him up, gave him a rub and a peck and went on my way. Later, I went downstairs to do laundry. I felt a breeze. OMG! The basement door was unlocked and it was open! My first thought: Where are the cats????
I ran up to the 2nd floor and found Oliver in the bathroom window. I looked for Milo...everywhere. He has many hiding places that he likes to go to for slumber. Fred and I could not find him. We walked the neighborhood. We drove around the entire block. We called *kitty kitty kitttttyyyyy*. Shook dry cat food. Opened windows in the house (cause he loves an open window).
 Told the neighbors! We couldn't find him. He is a strictly inside cat. Has never been outside at all except in cat carrier.
 I put up a Craigs List ad because I did not know what else that I could do. I was beside myself. I was crying. Natalie was crying. Where could he be?
This is Chelsea`s cat and she would never forgive me!

I sat down at the computer trying to decide what I could possibly do. I felt a brush of a tail on my leg. It was the fucking cat!
He was in the house the whole damn time and had just woken up from wherever he was. Cat bastard!
I guess he is loved.

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