Saturday, May 26, 2012

Community Garden 2012

Front and middle beds
See the freaking weeds? Both of these beds were full of weeds and they were tall. I had to use a garden fork to get some of them out. So yes, it is uber messy. I got all of the big weeds out and now I have itty bitty ones. Everyone`s beds look like this. He bought weed infested fill one year and now we all get to pay for the privilege of fighting them. And we CANT use chemicals!!

 I almost did not plant this year because of the weeds. Then the garden had a plant sale and I changed my mind. I have marigolds in the front like usual. Three tomato plants. Got to remember to bring the cages next time. Habenero pepper. Cucumbers and I have beet and carrot seedlings. The weeds were choking them out so I do not know what will happen with those.

Middle bed
See! freaking weeds!
This bed has bush beans, kale, cucumbers, mustard greens, brussel sprouts, broccoli and that is one wee strawberry plant in the corner that I planted last year. When I do not do this bed anymore, I am going to take that plant.
I think I will buy some hay and spread it around the plants. That will help with fighting. Otherwise I will have to go here almost every day. It has been raining pretty good so I do not have to go. If it does not rain today..I will go tomorrow.
I spent hard earned cash on those plants and I want them to flourish. At home I have four more tomato plants, spinach, mustard greens, and some purple kale that I need to plant.  There is a sunflower growing at the other end. I did not pull it. I love sunflowers and I will let it flourish in my garden as a decoration.
I planted all of these plants on a rainy day. It got so bad that at one point it was downpouring and I had to go under the awning to wait for it to let up. It felt good and I did not care. The plants needed to go in the soil. I did not want them to die.

I need to buy some soil for the house. I have a bunch of plants to plant in pots and I want to get some spices growing in pots out on the back patio also.
Maybe today. It looks like rain and I am not in the mood for it today.

I will continue to take pics of their progress...

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