Saturday, May 5, 2012

Company is Good!


 Blogger is being an ass so we will see how much I get done of this. It wouldn't even let me read any blogs last night at all. Be a good blogger now!

  Yesterday was good. I hardly ever post on Fridays because I am too busy. Friday is pay day and it is the day I get anything done that needs to be done. Bank, Post office, and shopping. I usually end up doing this alone, or that is how it has been most of the past 26 years that I have been doing it. Lately, Natalie has been coming with me lately and I like it. She helps me with lugging and shopping. She steers me away when I know I only have so much to spend and part of me cannot resist.
We started off going to breakfast downtown. I was hungry and I have not gone to breakfast in awhile outside of my home. Fred and I used to go every Friday morning. I miss that. So I took Natalie. Then we went to the pawn shop across the street because that is what Fred and I would do. She scored a 4 gig iPod shuffle for $30 with new ear buds and plug. They said that if it has any issues, just bring it back and they would give us our money back.
 She is happy and I like to make her happy even in small ways.

I just found out that CT passed the medical marijuana bill. I wonder if I will be able to get a license to purchase. It will be a bit before the dispensaries start popping up but I want it so badly. Fred wants me to cultivate here at the house too, for my own consumption.
This is a happy day for many of us that have been sick for so long. I have a feeling that they might not list any of my ailments for those that are allowed. That would be so wrong.

Okay, I need to get moving here. I got one kid glaring at me because I dare to be on the computer in the afternoon. How Dare I! LOL

Have a good day!

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