Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Full Circle


 I saw my *Mom*, Carmen, yesterday. She was in town and wanted to stop by. She had something to give me. This green vase.
 I found this vase at a yard sale about 10 years ago and I probably paid $1 for it. I bought it for my friend Rhonda for her new rental house. She was using green in her motif and it was perfect! She loved it. And I can see that it was never broken so she treated it with love. Carmen saved it from being tossed as her son was cleaning out Rhonda`s things from her apartment. She knew that I should have it. I now know what color scheme I want for the living room. Touches of green. It did not make me sad. It made me happy that I was given a small piece of her. It lets me know that she loved this vase enough to not let it get lost or broken on all of her moves.

Today I am going to be doing more laundry. I need to start thinking about the pack for the four days in Jersey I have to also make a list of all the things I need to bring with me to Jersey. I want to bring the Kindle, which I need to charge....brb.....going to get it! Okay, she is charging. I have plenty of books to read on there. I am reading Mozart`s Wife right now. So if I have trouble falling asleep, I can do that.
 I leave early in the morning on Monday and I come home in the evening on Thursday. I will have to get something at the store for me to eat on the way home. I do not like the food on the train..Yuck!
We are going to go to the Mutter Museum! I am excited. I have wanted to go there ever since I saw a tv show all about the place. Fred is uber jealous. I have to make sure I have money set aside for us to go there and then there are thrift shops to go to and I am cooking dinner one night. I have an idea of how much I am going to need. Good thing I get paid this week. I wonder how the family is going to be without me around. Dogs included. I do so much for them all on a daily basis. Now I will be gone for four days. FOUR WHOLE DAYS! I will come home on Thursday but the train comes in at night. I am going to make some pasta sauce for the fridge so that Raymond can make spaghetti one night. Hot dogs and buns, taco night, and then what? Natalie refuses to let me really teach her how to cook. Chelsea will be fine if she has all the foods she needs. I am going to give Fred some cash just in case they need anything. They are all adults and I worry. Sad, huh?

I have some news from the Gyno. I went for my post op appointment yesterday. He said I am healing well. He thinks the fact that I still have to wear a thin pad every day is a good sign. It probably worked for the bleeding, so that was a success. Unfortunately, I still have pain. He says that if the pain gets worse to the point I cannot take it anymore, I will have to have a hysterectomy. But that is not for now. The pain I get is not horrific. I can survive it. If it gets bad, I will go the next step to have my uterus removed. He said he would do it through the belly button. I would stay over one night and go home the next day. So I think it was a good visit.

No more flooding for Meh!

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  1. That vase is so lovely. I'm glad you got it back.