Sunday, May 6, 2012

I had a fight!

Charles "Kid" McCoy

A cyber fist fight!

I posted that Connecticut had passed the Medical Marijuana bill and I was happy for that. I wish that one day my illnesses will be on the list of *approved* so that when I am really feeling sick, I can smoke without worrying about the state or city trying to get me.
 So I was talking about the news and others were talking about the news. It wasnt really about recreational smoking at all. It was all medical talk.
Then this person comes on that I have been acquainted with for years.
 She says. "That's great, but do you have to post this online for children to see it?"
Me:  I don't have children on my page Linda. It is only open to my friends. I trust that most that do not agree, just hide the story. If you do not like it, you can do the same. Or you can unfriend me. Either or. Have a nice night! :)
Children can still see, whether or not there are any on there. It all has to do with other peoples settings as well. I have no problem with the medical things, I'm just protective over what kids see and shouldn't see. It wasn't meant to be bad towards you. I also fuss at people for cursing, so don't take it personally, K?
I was getting pissed! Oh boy!
Me:  I have my settings so only my friends can see it. No friends of friends or public.
If someone is careless enough to let their child read my post on their Facebook, that is a whole other issue. So I am being nice. Really nice. I can make it so it isn't a problem for you anymore. Would you like that?

Her:  Sure, sounds great Heidi, if you want to be that way. Childish, but OK

The bitch called me Childish! WTF! You have no clue who I am do you? You do not. I stayed calm though. All this time this is going on, I am sick to my stomach because that was a day for it to be. 

Me: I do not go on other people`s pages and tell them what the can and cant say. I just hide the content. That is there view. Not mine. So be it. Just cause you tell me to NOT POST ON MY PAGE does not mean I am going to abide by your wishes.
Childish to want to have my right to say what I want? Sure, you can call it that if you want. Stupid to think I am going to allow you to continue to do it...ummm no.

Me: 5
Me: 4
 And I deleted her ass!
The post went to 69 comments total after that. I am not going to rehash what everyone said. I have people behind my back.

I find out later that she is not a very nice person. She likes to bully people to do what she wants. That is probably why she called me childish. I was not bending to her will. Fuck that! Bitch, you got knocked off my radar is what happened. Good Fucking Riddance.

I STILL have not put that damn $7 grill together. I just have to do it. Why am I not doing it? I have no problem following directions. I have no problem swinging a Phillips screw driver. I am the one that puts assembled furniture and such together in our family. For some strange reason, I have no initiative to do it. None whatsoever.
I have to just do it! Because it is sitting in the middle of my diningroom floor all ready and willing. The kids want burgers for dinner. We could have them on the grill.

Lets hope I just get it done.


  1. OK - I am going to be smart ass here -
    so not only are you childish, you are lazy too? You know I am teasing (I hope) and I think I may know who you speak of.

  2. Audra,
    I grilled burgers on the old grill! Lazy!!!!

    You might know her. She used to be on GL. Were you around during the GL swaps?

  3. I totally know you are kidding! I can sense that.
    This woman wanted me to delete my thread cause of some imaginary kids.