Monday, April 23, 2012

Just fiddling

  You are probably a little shocked and wondered if you landed on another blog
. No no no!
 I just felt like doing some cyber space spring cleaning and while I was at it, I changed the rug and drapes, moved some furniture around. It has been 2 years (I think) and I have had it look the same. That is highly unusual for me. I am a furniture re-arranger at the heart. Always have been. My Mom would come home and the livingroom would be all changed around. Same with my bedroom. It did not change when I got my own place. Now I do not do that as much anymore. After the disc surgery being BECAUSE I like to move furniture, I do not do it unless I have lots of help. Sucks balls but what am I  going to do.
 The lavender jelly is a hit. It tastes really good. BUT big jars of it is a definite no-no. I made two pint jars of it for our own consumption. Both Fred and I said it will take FOREVER for us to finish that jelly. It is not a peanut butter and jelly kind of product. It is a scone or english muffin kind of product. Something in small jars that you use when you want something sweet and different on your baked goods.
 It is a gloomy MF of a day today. It rained all day yesterday. ALL DAY! I did have a good day though. I went out with two of my friends for a very long lunch. I was treated so I did not blow my budget plans. No No..I did not do that till later.
  I get home around 5pm. The house is dark, dank, and gloomy. The kitchen is a hot mess and I have not defrosted one thing. Totally not on purpose. I thought we would go have lunch at noon and I would be back by 2pm. We had lots to gossip and talk about. It was nice.
So I bought one pizza pie. $13.00 for a large pepperoni. I felt bad but then I just did it. I am right back on the game plan today. I was going to say fuck it and buy coffee this morning. Then I said no. I can use the cash that I have in my wallet to buy eggs and milk that we need in the house. I made coffee.
So today I have not spent any money. I will buy the eggs and milk in a bit. I am in slow mo today. I woke up at 9, took Chelsea to work, made coffee, and fiddled with this blog. Girl had stuff to do!

So if you hate it, do not worry. I will probably change it again tomorrow. I am never fully happy. It took me over an hour to finalize what I did today.

Have a nice Monday all!


  1. Thank you. I also let up on the tight control of the comments. It feels nice. I am liking the blue.

  2. I spent $7 today. I gave $6 to Fred to get the eggs and milk (lazy ass me) and a $1 to Natalie so she can get a drink at school. We do not have anything here for her to bring.

  3. Leave it! I love the new look!