Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drippy Nose will not stop me!

*271*    I have much to do and little old me can only do so much. Tree Pollen count is high today and I can feel it!  Today on my spring cleaning list is my bedroom. Am I the only one that turns their bedroom into the catch-all room? I have several laundry baskets full of clothing. Some are summer clothes that need to be switched out with winter. Some are clothes that I bought cause they were cute but still do not fit me (yeah, I am a nut), and some are just from the laundry that never got put away. So today I am going to make sure all the clothes have some place to go. I am also going to do some much needed dusting. I dust but when it comes to my room, it is a once a month adventure. I should dust more because where we live, it accumulates. Dust Bunnies start rolling around in this house. And that is not me being dirty. We live in semi close proximity to Interstate 95.  We are not like right next to it but close enough that dust kicks up.
Yesterday, I spent $7 total like I had said. Today I plan on spending nothing. I will have to get gas soon. I have $20 set aside for that. I think I can hold off until tomorrow to get it but we shall see.  I have calculated that I will have $100 on Friday to buy some meat and fridge foods. Then Fred will give me $50 on Saturday for gas. I am going to try very hard not to go over my budget again by buying a pizza or something of that sort.
  I want to see if I can do this more. Every week. Just buy groceries but a bit more then I have been buying because of money constraints. Gas for the Jeep, bills, and that is it.
I have wanted to see if I could do this for the longest time but I always have outside influences and my own lack of willpower fighting me,
 Let us see how long I can do it. I will be honest if I spend on something. I want to be able to pay my bills, have groceries in house, scripts, and gas for the cars without stressing myself into a stroke half the time.
  So, No plans for spending anything today. I might buy gas but probably not.
Off to the dust bunny wars!


  1. Good luck, I'm rooting for you!!! I spent too much today and on things that weren't fun: dog and cat food, medicine for the dog. Benadryl. Toilet paper. I also had to buy 2 rolls of quarters to do my laundry for the month. All in, it came to $80. $80 for absolutely nothing fun. I didn't get to go to the movies this week as I'd hoped and I'm not going to be able to go next week now that EmoBoy is coming.

    I feel whiny. Isn't it awful how much it costs just to maintain? Just to SURVIVE? I found myself googling "used sweat pants" the other day and they were all too damn expensive! When you can't afford used sweat pants... sister, your life sucks.

    I am willing to share my world's greatest martyr trophy with you. God knows we can't go buy a new one.

  2. No shit! I will share it with you. Because I am super tired of it. It is not so hard when you have been poor before to be poor again. And we are not POOR in the sense that we have no home, we just are poor like everyone else that was middle class back in the day.

    I did spend money yesterday though. More on that in a new post.