Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mountain Climbing on tap


I remember this School House Rock vividly because of the kid getting a shot in the ass. I remember another one about being in the back of a truck. I have not found that one yet. This is what we watched on TV. It taught us. Same with Sesame Street and Electric Company. We learned from them. I will be in the nursing home talking about School House Rock, I bet.

No real reason for that. I stumbled upon it on the internet and thought I would share. Today is phase two of Natalie`s room. We are going to go through the clothing. If she doesn't like it and it is not owned by anyone else (she likes to *borrow*) then it goes in the bag for donation. She has this really nice hope chest that I bought from a friend for like $10 that she can put all her clothes in that she wants. The rest have to go. I am sick of looking at the fucking pile!
 I have gotten rid of clothing. Now it is her turn. We shall see how this goes. I do not have enough detergent to do a ton of wash today but I can probably squeak by a couple of loads.
My back leg hip thing is still bothering me but I am taking Advil knock offs for it and it is helping. If it is helping, then it is probably not nerves but some sort of swelling. Hopefully it will go the fuck away!
I have no plans to spend any money today. I have what I need for dinner. We are having soft tacos. Cleaning is keeping my mind off of not having any money to spend. The internet helps too!

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