Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday 2012

It is a beautiful day but kind of cold here in old CT. I am going to do some cleaning up downstairs. I am hopeful that I can get many things done this weekend. I have this mask project I would like to finish before Easter but it is okay if I do not. They are just some masks that I want to make for the kids to bring my creativity back. I need to go to AC Moore in a bit and get some feathers and bling.  I have the lavender jelly waiting in the wings, and I have to cook for this weekend. I am going to do just the ham with the trimmings. No lasagna this time around. I have all the ingredients so I can do it another day. No biggie. Chelsea is trying to be gluten free and dairy free because of her health and skin (it is working) so I am going to try to make her something yummy to go with the ham.

  We were going to have fish for dinner today. I had tilapia saved in the fridge but we got bored with our meals and I cooked the fish on Tuesday. So I think I will try very hard not to eat meat but that might happen anyway. Fish two times in a few days is just too much for me.
This is a rather boring post cause I am just gonna la di da through the day today. Let`s see. I bought Purple and blue pansies for the pots out front. I had to bring them in last night cause of a freeze. I have to buy soil for them anyway.
I am defrosting the ham which I will score, pierce with cloves, and cover in wet brown sugar. Potato salad will be made tomorrow as well as the deviled eggs. I want a bake a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting also. I am going to make brussel sprouts, and a salad. The kids want garlic mashed potatoes to go with the ham. And then whatever dish Chelsea wants to make to go with. It will be a good Easter dinner. I will clean off this table so we can all sit down.

I think that is it. Oh! I bought my train tickets yesterday for my trip to Jersey/Philly. So I am going on a trip next month most definitely!


  1. Sounds so good. Can't wait for the jelly! Lavender jelly sounds awesome. Is it? Will you put up some pics of the pansies? I love pansies.

  2. I will take a pic tomorrow. I think I am all better then I run around and realize I am not. That jelly will be done soon. It is super easy.

    I love pansies. I had to bring them inside because it got cold out.