Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! Or if you do not celebrate Easter. .Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

I just got out of bed about half hour ago and put the ham in. It is already cooked. I just have to heat through. So that will be about an hour or so. It is a 17 lb beast. I got the biggest free one I could find. Our local grocery store has a thing in November and in March. If you spend $300 in the allotted time, you can have a free turkey (whole, or breast), ham (shank), chicken,Tofurkey, or Stoffers lasagna. I know there is more to it but I either get the biggest turkey breast or the biggest ham I can find in the offer. So for that amount of time, I do all my grocery shopping there. I have been there more lately anyway because they have the better deals and I can get more food for my buck.

 I did Easter baskets for those three children. I was shaking my head the whole time but I did it anyway. I put my foot down though. I did not sneak into their rooms like the Easter bunny to deposit their goodies. I left them in my room for them to get themselves. Are you laughing at me? The older Mom that buys her adult kids Easter baskets?
I think I need some grand kids. These two need to hurry up, get their own places, significant others, better jobs, and start procreating so I have someone to dye eggs with! That isn't too much to ask. Is it?
I promised I would show my pansies. I had to bring them inside because we got a cold snap. So this purple one looks a bit worse for wear. They will be fine. I spruced them up with some spring water and once it gets warmer, they will be good as new.

This is the color I picked out. I love a nice pale blue/purple flower. In fact all my flowers in the yard (minus the tulips) are either purple or yellow. I did not do that intentionally. That is just how it happened. I even have a blueberry bush in the yard now..more purpley blue! Once they are in their pots and glorious, I will take better pictures. I wanted to show that indeed, it is too cold to plant yet here in CT.

I wanted to say that my tattoos are healing nicely. It looks like that the finger moustache is a success this time around. It will still be faded, which I knew, but it is intact this time. A portion of it peeled off yesterday and there is no stank looking hole in the middle of the stache. I will be able to wear it proudly to all that ask for some whisker!
 Fred works again today. I am not complaining cause the extra money is good. I just miss him when he is gone on holidays. He will get to eat because I will make a plate for him. He declared last night at 11pm to be Easter and cut into the cake. We do not have any company coming, just us five. So it was no biggie to me. Go for it! I took a bite and it was good.

So I think I am going to spend the day doing I do not know what. It is nippy out but I might get some of the last of the raking done. There is not alot to do. Then I can sit back and watch my garden grow. I have to drag Fred with me one day to get some more of those wood pallets so that I can start the veggies at the house.

That I guess is all for today. I have an appointment this week with the Gyno for a pre-op appointment. Find out if I have been accepted to get it. I assume so but you never know with insurance.
Have a good day all! Do not eat too many eggs or chocolate!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Those people are so fortunate to have you in their life!

  2. The flowers are beautiful! I love them!

  3. You make me blush Angie. I am under appreciated but I soldier on. This is who I am. I am happy when they are happy.
    Watch what happens when I am gone for four whole days!
    They will see then. Oh boy!

    Tonya, I only do annuals on the front porch. I do plant 4'o clocks in the yard but that is it.
    I am reading the kindle and relaxing.
    Kitchen is clean. I did my Easter duty.