Monday, April 16, 2012

Allergies are the bomb!

Creeping phlox is starting to open.

   I am waiting for my knock off/generic allergy medicine to kick in. My eyes are all gooey. I usually have some nice name brand type of pill but times are tough and I cut back. The store brand actually does work. Believe it or not. I just took it though so I will bitch and complain until it kicks in. This is the front of my house. No sidewalks on our street. Ignore that pile of leaves that I must pick up. That is creeping phlox. When we bought the house, there was one big spot of it on the wall in the middle. I painstakingly pulled the whole thing apart and spread it out over the entire wall. It took a good five years for it to really fill in but I am proud of it. I treat that phlox better then any other plant or tree or flower in my yard. They get a spruce up in the spring. All the dead stuff is trimmed and I fill in any empty spots. Then in the Fall I trim it all up close to the wall. I do not like when it gets really long on the wall because then you have to deal with alot of dead greenery. Since we do not have sidewalks, the snow/ice removal stuff tends to spread pretty close to the plant and kills parts of it. Hence why the phlox gets a Brazilian every October.
  Ahhh! I think it is starting to work a bit. 
 My friend`s viewing is going to be Wednesday night and the funeral is going to be on Thursday morning. I am very sad about the fact that I will not be able to go. I called her Mom and left a message on her answering machine. I let her know that I sent her an email. I want to keep in touch with her as much as possible. I do not want to let our separation to happen again.
Feed me!
 It is supposed to get really hot here today. Like in the upper 80s. I made Fred get the fan last night for our room. It was that hot up there. I am all clean and nice for my Dr. visit today at 1130am. It is for my surgical clearance. I got the call for my registration and everything so that is all set. I have to be at the hospital at 830am on Wednesday. Hopefully it is not a super long wait for the surgery time. I have been told that the ablation takes no time at all. In and out in an hour. Then I will go to recovery, then my room, wake my ass up some more, get me dressed and home. I already have my pain pills (VICODIN).
 After my appointment, I am going to change and put on my trusty bandana. I am going to clean my bedroom top to bottom so that it is lovely for my recovery. I am not afraid to sweat!  No dust, no garbage, all the clothes put away, and the window open. Tonight I am going to make a nice taco dinner for everyone including guacamole.  I was going to treat myself to a pedicure tomorrow but the girls are going to pay for it! So I used my pedicure money to buy a new pair of sport flip flops. These are Champion ones from Payless. $24. I paid less then that for my old Nike ones but they are like the same thing. They are cushioning in a way that exercises your legs but also gives your feet some stability. I have very high arches. I cannot wear just any of flip flop. And I love flip flops! So I just get some nice black ones that go with everything.
My last pair died a horrible death by Ruby. I was using them around the house but they were not fit for public viewing. Oh no! 

It is almost 11am. I need to get  moving. I got to separate the dishes so when I get back, I can get the kitchen done. Lots to do!

Happy Monday all!


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