Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back to the Gym

Bitch can eat ice cream!

My *period* from the ablation is just about over. It has been more then a week and I still need to wear a pad but it is lessened enough that I think by the weekend it will be over. Hopefully! I am tired of it!
 Natalie and I are going to go back to the gym again. Part of the reason why I would not fully commit to the gym, I am assuming, is because of my period. I would get on a roll of going 2-3 times a week and then my period would come and I could not go for an entire week. Then I would get lazy. It screwed with the schedule. I want to see if by not having my period anymore, will I still find an excuse?
Or will I be going every week?

My back is acting up as I have said. I know that if I gently work the muscles in my back again, I should be fine. That is one of the major reasons people get herniated discs. They do not have strong back muscles. You have to especially work them after the surgery because the muscles have been cut.  There was a point where I had major difficulty walking up stairs. Fred had to walk behind me My back was so weak that I could not conquer the staircase. I need to go to the gym and I need to walk again.
Now, I may punk out and be back here whining. Those of you that read here know me well enough by now. I have the WANT to do it just not the DRIVE. But now that bloody nile chapter of my life is over, I think it is the perfect time to get into some shape. At least strengthen my back again. I will do it slowly. I am not going to be out there walking 2 miles up hill straight off the bat.

So let us hope that I go, I work it, I lose some inches, and I get a muscley gross as that sounds. LOL

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