Thursday, April 19, 2012

No heavy lifting

No tub baths either!
No heavy lifting until Monday. No tub baths for three weeks! How cruel is that?? It is an absolutely gorgeous day outside for yard clean up and I cannot do any of it. It is a tad chilly but the sun is out. So I wouldn't sweat as much doing yard clean up. Dammit! Watch it get hot as hellions on Monday when I am allowed to do stuff!

 Everything went fine. I was under light anesthesia because it was not an invasive procedure. I was not aware of what was going on but they had to wake me once to clear snot from my throat. I had post nasal drip from my allergies. I did not talk to the Dr afterward but he knows Fred, I gave permission, and Fred relayed. It went very well. He almost could not do the procedure because of the size of my uterus. It is 11cm (put one hand in a fist, and put the other on top) and he is not allowed to do any that are 12 cm or above. So I have a BIG uterus! This is the reason for the pain and the worry. This is the reason we were getting this done, besides the bleeding and cramps on a constant basis. My uterus is really big. Hopefully this will make the thickening go down. I do not know how that works actually. All I know is I am in NO pain in the hootchie and there is very minimal bleeding going on. I have a slight headache but that is from the days events yesterday.

Today is my friend`s funeral. I wish that I could be there. I just know that I cannot. I have already let the family know that I couldnt but I still feel really badly. Not crying anymore but still sad when I think of her.

So today is going to be a lolligag type of day. I am cooking bacon right now. I am making breakfast. Then I will watch some Netflix, play online games, maybe read a bit in bed before I take a nap...lazy day. Do not worry about me. I am good.

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