Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mimosa for breakfast!

   My old ass fell asleep last night before the ball dropped. Never fails. What do you expect? Fred was at work till after 11pm and I had been in bed all day because of what ails me. I was flipping back and forth between the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America and the Twilight Zone marathon on Scyfy. Somewhere in there I fell asleep. Fred sent me a text saying Happy New Year, he loves me, and this year is going to be all about him and I. Meaning, the kids still live here but we are not indulging them anymore. This is supposed to be OUR time. Him and I. They are grown now. So I am not spending a dime on them unless I absolutely have to. Yeah, they are going to hate me on so many levels but I need to cut the apron strings. You have a home but I am not spending a dime on you. If you want something special in life, buy it yourself.
  On the plus side, we have champagne. The girls must have been too scared to try to open it. We also have orange juice. So Mimosas it will be! The kitchen is a fucking disaster. I was hoping somebody would make breakfast but I guess that is not to be. Unless it is me!

Today I am going to try to take down all the Christmas stuff. It has to be done. Christmas has to be put away before my birthday. I wish I did not feel like shit because I would totally shovel the back patio for the dogs. See, this is where your adult children would come in handy to do these things. But no..they do not. And I have found out that basically the whole generation of them are like this. We are not the only ones.

Hope 2013 is wonderful for all of us. I want to have some good times this year. No more misery!


  1. I had my ultrasound this morning. They were very busy because the department was closed on the 1st. That means my films will probably not be read until late tonight or early in the morning tomorrow. My best bet is to call my GP on Friday morning early so that I can find out what the scans say.
    The pain has spread more toward the right side of my stomach now. Not just my side. I am being careful not to over do it.

  2. Damn girl....I'm sorry to hear that! Take care of yourself.

  3. Thanks.Hopefully it is something that is easily fixed and I can move on.

    I feel so many things. Like Stupid. It is not like whatever it is, is something I could have prevented or not. But I feel like enough is enough now. Stop fucking around and adding more shit to my pile. 2013 is supposed to be my year dammit!