Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

   Today is Fred`s birthday. He is an old man today but he will always be the sweet 20 yr old that I met all those years ago. So far he has said that he is having a good day. He went out and bullshitted with some friends, drove around in the rental car, and picked up side dishes for his dinner.
 Two things about his birthday dinner. I was able to get his favorite eatery to make baked mac and cheese but the also made a big pot of beans with pulled pork inside. Oh so fucking good! Then I am making his chicken wings. I also made dip, bought chips, and made a big veggie platter. I was supposed to bake a cake today. I did not. I woke up last night feeling really badly sick. I am sort of better now but not 100%. So we all collectively said that getting cupcakes from the Cake Lady is just as good. No cake needed. We can all pick a flavor and we will all be happy. The kid gets off work around 7ish so we can all pig out then.

  He heard from his Mother and from his God Mother. All is good in his world. A happy dinner at home with his family is good to him. We did the going out thing at the beginning of the month so this is the best for the end.

Now I have to plan if we are celebrating the Kid`s birthday next month. She might not be here. That will be a first!

Six more days till HIDA Scan.

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