Sunday, January 13, 2013

OMG! Praise!

Gross, huh?

All I have to say is that I am not feeling like a Hickory Farm`s Summer sausage anymore. I could not take it so I ate something I shouldn't have. Chelsea had some left over pupusas with a very spicy slaw from Friday night. I ate that for lunch. I did not eat all of the slaw but enough to do it`s intended job. Yay to Salvadorian food!!

   I went out in the yard this morning with the dogs and it feels like early March out there. Where it is still cold but you can smell the green about to blossom. It was kind of misty out and there was dew on the grass.  Makes me want to read seed catalogs and dream.
Since the skull surgery brought my brain function back and I am more clear more scatterbrains, I am going to work very hard on the front bed that has been neglected for the past 3-4 years. I see two of those tall grass plants on either side and fill the middle in with I do not know what yet. Even the crows make me feel happy today. I am thinking of Spring. Once I get that mindset, I will feel that way as everyday get a bit longer, the sun shines a bit brighter, and the plants start to bring forth their leaves.
  Yesterday I cleaned the entire dining room, polished furniture, watered plants, scrubbed all four wooden tv trays of all stains and yuck, caught all the dust bunnies and set them free off the front porch,  washed the french door curtains and washed the 30 panes of glass in those doors. Looks good. I could do some more in here. Now, it is not a big fucking deal that I cleaned one room because jesus..I only cleaned one room. I have it in my brain to do way more but I have to take it easy so I do not hurt myself. Not only food hurts the gallbladder. Too much doing does too.

 I went out to dinner with my friend, A. Kind of a last hoorah for me in the food porn arena of eating.  We had combo plates of small steak (med rare) with a half rack of bbq ribs. I had mashed potatoes with a onion and gorganzola butter, upscale salad bar, and cup of French onion soup. So good! We both had dessert. I could not finish my slice of carrot cake. My gallbladder was hurting. Not an attack but oh girl you need to stop!

  Today is a new day. I am starting the path to better eating because I have to treat my liver well. It is the only one I have. For brunch today I have a small bowl with some grits, non dairy margarine, salt, pepper, one slice of cooked bacon crumbled, and 2 T of scrambled egg. The bacon is just a once in awhile thing. Fred opened a pack last night for baked mac and cheese so I used the rest this morning. The girls will eat it.

  As for today...I have to run to the co-op to get some supplies for Chelsea because I think she is sick. God I hope it is not the flu. Then I am going to super clean the living room, make an important phone call, and I have some ground chicken I am going to make into meatballs for dinner with some egg noodles. Yummy!

Happy Sunday!

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