Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Permafrosted ass

Right now at 7:50pm est it is 14 deg F but feels like it is 3 deg F in my part of Connecticut.
 I was able to order some oil today and they delivered this evening. It is a good thing because we had less than a quarter of a tank and I was worried we would run out. The portable heaters alone are not cutting it today at all. Okay, I just turned the heat up to low 60s. I think it is extra cold because I am sitting by the big fucking hole in the wall that is the back french doors. It used to be a old 70s era sliding glass door and we replaced it a few years ago. Not very energy efficient but better than a door that would stick open or closed. is fucking cold in here!
Unfortunately, I have to pick up Fred at 11pm from work tonight. I forgot to mention that his friend accidentally sideswiped the car (not the Jeep) a couple days ago and he cannot drive it cause the front bumper and light are just kinda hanging in limbo there.The dude`s insurance is gonna fix it soon. Probably take it in tomorrow or Friday to start the work. Not a huge deal but it is when I have to take someone to work and pick their ass up when the new Ice Age is going on outside!
  Thankfully because of said oil delivery, I will be able to take a nice hot soak in the tub later after I pick up the man from the job.
It is going to warm up next week anyhoo. We can survive a few days of subzero temps. I hope. Not fit for any living thing out there tonight.

8:09pm est it is now 13 deg F and feels it is 2 deg F in my part of Connecticut.

I turned off the portable heater here in the dining room and turned the heat up until the thermostat went click. Now we better start getting some heat action going on. Oh, I hear the water filling the pipes in the baseboards. This is a good sign.  *sniff* I smell the heat now. You know that smell? I wish heating my home was not such a damn luxury.

  I am going to make strawberry and strawberry jalapeno jam this weekend. I have to send some off to family and I have a couple people that want to buy some. I hope I have enough jars to complete the mission. I better check tomorrow. It will give me something to do if I end up with a buttload of snow Friday and Saturday. They (weather peoples) have not said exactly how much because they really do not know.

Ahhh! I am feeling oh so much better. It is warming up in here. Life is good. I do not feel like my fingers are gonna fall off.

Now it says that it feels like 1 deg F outside in my part of Connecticut. Brrrr!

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