Saturday, January 26, 2013

Better than Cream Cheese is a lie

See her gallbladder surgery scar?

   I love having a bagel with cream cheese. Cream cheese hurts me now. So I reverted back to the days when the kid was a vegan and I bought Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese. It is NOT better. Granted, I am eating it and I am not in pain or sick but it does not have that sour like turned quality that cream cheese has. They need to find a way to add that in to be more realistic. I will use it though because I like having my schmear. The sad part is I cannot even revert to peanut butter instead. FML But if you decide for health or whatever reasons not to eat dairy anymore, Tofutti brand is a good choice. There are other better choices out there in brands but Tofutti is the one you will see most in the grocery stores. Most stores do not put them in a special section. They are in the fridge case with the other sour creams and cream cheeses. Give it a try if you want to get a little healthier. I just had to say that if you are expecting an exact replica, you will be disappointed.

  My gb has been a bitch last night and into this morning. Sharper in the pain category. My hida scan is on the 4th so it is coming quick. I am tired of feeling like this on a daily. I have changed my diet a lot and I still suffer. I was talking to a homeopath the other day at the co-op. She had her gb out about 8 years ago. She was like me. No attacks at all, just the constant pain. The hida scan showed that her gb just stopped working. She said that could be my issue. Not dealing with stones but the gallbladder just taking a permanent siesta. That happens to people. Nothing you did or didn't do. She said it had to go. It was about 2-3 years before her gastrointestinal adjusted. Now she is a healthy eater anyway but she did notice there were many things she could not eat. But eventually it got better. I am going to hold onto that dream. I will have to stick to eating better but eventually if I wanted to, I could have the rare occasion of a steak. Hopefully.

Today I am going to pick up around the downstairs and make dinner with Fred. I have no idea what we are cooking. I have not thought about it. I do know that after I am done here, I am going down to the basement to get the frozen strawberries for defrosting. I have regular and jalapeno jam with strawberries to make tomorrow.

  It is still cold as all get out today. It has slowly gotten better but very bitter. My skin and hair are dry. I am going to do a coconut treatment today also. I just take the jar of coconut oil, put some in my hands, warm it up, and spread in my hair. You want to coat from scalp to ends. Then I just tie the hair up in a top knot on my head and go about my business in the house. Later tonight, I will take a shower and wash it out. My hair will be all flowy tomorrow. I do them about once a month now. It snowed but we barely got an inch of it. They were thinking we were going to get feet of snow and it was a dud. It will slowly warm up. There is going to be snow on Monday but the next day it will be in the 40s so it will be gone as fast as it came.

 I guess I have blabbed enough for this time around. I had not talked for a bit so figured I would do some catch up. Hope you have a great weekend ahead. The sun is shining brightly!

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