Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life Wanted. Inquire Within

I used to love painting furniture. What happened?

I know I said I was not coming back for awhile but Fuck blog..I do what I want! :)
 I was told last night that I needed to get a life. If I am crying over a boy that isnt even mine, What is going to happen when the girls leave?
 I took that two ways. The first is my husband is an asshole. He is telling me I shouldn't be crying over Rainbow cause he is not mine to cry over. He is just Natalie`s friend and not family. And he told me that I needed to get a plan in place of what the hell I am going to do when everyone is gone and it is just him and I. He will be at work. I cannot work a job. So what am I going to do all day and night?

  Then I thought of the second way after I stopped thinking that this man really needs to learn how to choose his words. I can cry all I want over Rainbow but it isn't going to bring him back. He is gone to kick start his life and I have to get over that. He did not leave US because he didn't love us. He left so that he can go to school, get a degree, get a great job, and get the fuck away from his father. We will visit and hopefully he will visit. By that time, the house will be in more order.
That is my plan.
 My LIFE is going to be fixing up this house.
I am not going into specifics but we are going to get some funding in the summer. We are going to secure enough to get the hard wood floors done here on the first floor. I need to paint the living room, dining room and the kitchen. There is tile work that can be done. I have furniture I can re-upholster and paint. We are going to get new to us living room couches and hopefully one of them will be a pull out. That way, if he comes to visit..He has a place to rest his head. I need to get these things started. I need to first decide on the colors for the rooms before I start painting furniture. I have quite a few pieces that need to be done. Another thing I want is to have someone build me two tall bookshelves for the living room. I have always wanted them but never did them. We have baseboard heaters so the shelves have to kind of work around them. 

 Anyway, I need to get a life and that is going to start now.
My living room is chocolate brown with white trim. I want it to be lighter. I have not decided yet. The dining room and kitchen are basically a school bus yellow with white trim. I do not want yellow of any sort in here at all. I do not want to do red either. I was thinking blue for the kitchen and dining room.

All in good time. I just thought I would let you all know that i am still crying but not as much and I am building a plan for this next phase of my life.

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