Saturday, January 12, 2013

There is no I in the word TEAM

It is a dreary rainy Saturday. It is warmer than usual so all the heaters are off. Love that! I have learned something. International Coffees Salted Caramel Mocha creamer has not dairy in it. I can drink a cup of coffee without feeling like I am gonna woof. Yesterday we were out of regular cream so I just used that. Coffee tasted okay and did not hurt me. I was thinking maybe I was all better. I can be stupid like that sometimes. This morning I put regular cream in my coffee and I was able to sip like 3 times before I had to stop. It is the dairy that is killing my GB. And I did some reading and constipation is a sure sign you have an issue with the GB because of the lack of bile to absorb the food.
 So lucky me has some help today. Fred has the day off and he is going to help me clean house. I really need the help. I asked what his plans were for Saturday and he said helping me. *cheese*
We are going to tackle the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, litter, laundry, wash down the staircase, straighten living room, and he chose fish for dinner. I will make baked mac and cheese with Southern Indian inspired green beans. <----You can use either traditional long beans or just the green beans we are accustomed too. Most of the supplies can be found at a Raj Cash and Carry or other Indian grocery store.  I also have salad stuff.

 So why am I on the computer chatting with you all? Oh well, I am drinking some coffee to wake me up and hubs is at the store picking up a couple things before we start. So I am in idle mode. The engine is warming up.  Once I am done here, I will start in here in the dining room. Just clean off the table and sweep the floor. It is too damp to wash today. If the sun comes out tomorrow, that will be a different story. I have to be careful because when I do too much, it hurts my gut. I am hoping some extra activity will help me with my plumbing problem. I cannot remember the last time I have had this issue. That is how long it has been. It scares me cause I do not know what to do. When you have to expel a big bunch of bananas but only get rid of one single banana..that is a problem. Sorry, now you may not want a banana. But I am in constant...Uhhh! Help me! mode.

I hope your Saturday is great and that it is full of sunshine. Even if it is in your mind. I am off now to start to cleaning.

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